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Thread: To Kristina--added boosters should always be extra help!

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    To Kristina--added boosters should always be extra help!

    Hi Kristina welcome to Gardenscapes!

    My suggestion is that added boosters (from Magic Hat or that i buy to add) should always be added, extra help and should not take away from any boosters that can be formed on the game field.

    I will add a pix to help explain.

    In playing this level I have won previous games so I get Magic Hat help: extra moves, a bomb, and a rainbow blast. There are two free spaces on the field where the boosters can be added for totally extra help. The bomb should be placed where the leaf is inside the "V" so it explodes when I form the bomb with the apples. The rainbow blast should be placed where the leaf is outside the "V" of apples so I can use it later.

    This would be totally fair, and would add the Magic Hat boosters that i won the right to use as totally extra, added help.

    Do you know Kristina that I restarted the game 30 times and the boosters were never put in those positions?

    The software placed the boosters to ensure that I either had to use the rainbow blast on the apples, or it put the boosters in such a way that the bomb could not be formed by the apples.

    I am so tired of Playrix "giving" us something and taking something else away. I am so tired of Playrix taking away an advantage if we add a booster.

    So I will check once in a while but if the boosters aren't ever placed by the software as I described that they should be, then I will not play another level of Gardenscapes and I will be so thankful for that.

    Gardenscapes has taken enough of my time and money, and if Playrix is going to be so petty and greedy as to penalize me for Magic Hat boosters then I am glad to be done with the game.

    And again, welcome to Gardenscapes!
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    Hello here is an update. When I checked the game today, Magic Hats "started" and what I was eligible to receive in each level-- more plays, the bomb and the rainbow blast, did not appear. Why was that taken away when Magic Hats was restarted?

    Because the coins aren't zeroed out when a new time period begins on the bank?

    But I chose to add the two bomb booster at the beginning to replace the Magic Hat boosters that were taken away.

    I reset the level 15 times but the software never put the two bombs in the spaces where the two leaves appear in the pix; which would have maximized my boosters, and not taken away a booster that could be formed by the apples.

    So....I still haven't played the level and Playrix is still being petty and greedy.

    Stay tuned for my update tomorrow when I try to add the dynamite and rainbow blast combo and we'll see what the software does with that!

    (I didn't have time today to reset the level 30 times maybe tomorow I will.)

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    Hi here is today's update. I selected the dynamite / rainbow blast booster to see where the software would place the boosters. On the 24th reset of the game the boosters were placed in the optimum positions. It took all of that and two shovel taps to win the game.

    There is definitely something in the code to keep the boosters from being put in the right place at least initially.

    Found a level in another Playrix game Fishdom in which the boosters weren't placed in the optimum positions after 35 resets. So I'll be testing that level again tomorow.

    Not actually playing either game though, don't have enough time to actually play the games too. And really why play them when they are coded against us?

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