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Thread: New team member!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monikina View Post
    Please,exist a forum in italian linguage? Thank's
    Hi! there are no other official playrix forums in different languages, but feel free to post in italian here if you'd like, and we'll do our best with translating and replying to your questions!
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    مرحبا كريستينا
    اريد ان اعرف رقم اخر مرحلة

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    Help please, I started playing on my iphone and now want to play on facebook but when I connect it doesn't bring over my levels and purchases, can anyone help me??

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    Did you play using Facebook previously? Facebook is how these games are saved, so if you didn't use Facebook before, your previous game was probably not saved anywhere.
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    Hola como andan?? Quiero saber como tengo q armar mi equipo me pueden ayudae

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    disculpen no hay un foro en español?

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