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Thread: New team member!

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    New team member!

    Hi, folks!

    I'm happy to share some great news: our forum team is expanding once again. Let's welcome a new Admin - Kristina Zybina! She'll be here to answer all of your questions about the game, and assist you with any issues you may have!

    Let's give a warm welcome to Kristina!

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    Hello, everyone!

    I am thrilled to join the Gardenscapes family, and I will gladly help you with any Gardenscapes-related issues!

    Talk to you soon!

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    hi Kristina,

    welcome to this forum and your new role!
    How far are you in the game, if I may ask?

    Looks like a sudden action; I hope someone makes you staff/Admin soon and puts you on the Site Leaders page, so we can send all Gardenscapes questions your way easily! j/k, of course!

    Have fun and good explanations and fun and patience and fun and a good understanding and fun!

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    Welcome to the forum and team Kristina. I am looking forward to see you .
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    Hi Kristina!

    Welcome to the forum, and welcome to the team!
    Looking forward to see you around!

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    Welcome and wish You all the best

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    Hola. Tengo una molestia.. estoy en el nivel 1664 es decir que hace mucho tiempo juego al garden scape.. y solo una vez me tocó ganar el "bote" (premio total) en la rueda de la fortuna diaria.. y eso es algo frustrante, espero poder ganarlo otra vez (solucionen eso). Muchas gracias

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    Wellcome. Maybe now someone will resolve my problem. Please!

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    Forum in italian

    Please,exist a forum in italian linguage? Thank's

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    Welcome. I need a miracle to get through a very low level. 193. Been stuck for days

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