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Thread: I need something explained

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    I need something explained

    I am at level 1577 and my most newly opened tank is Fantasyland. I have a couple of dozen friends whom I send lives to every day. I am #15 in the list of friends. When I have a few minutes, I visit their aquariums and feed their fish. This has been confusing me for weeks now ... why are some people who are 300+ levels ahead of me only at a tank I passed by. Some others have about the same level as I do, within 50 or so, and they are three or four tanks behind me. There is only one friend who is at about the same level I am and also has Fantasyland as the latest open aquarium.

    What am I (and my one other friend) doing differently that allows us to be so many tanks ahead of others who have won many more levels that we have?

    If anybody knows, please share that knowledge.Please understand that there are people who have won 300-500 level more than I have who are now decorating Wonderland. My question is about the ones that that won 1800 levels and are still at my tank level, or even down one or two.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi ndgoblue,

    your coin payout after finishing a level depends on the total number of stars in all your aquariums quite a bit. You get 20 coins for each star. So, if you're regularly spending your coins and building up your aquariums, you advance faster.

    In the beginning I didn't pay much attention to aquariums, just played the levels and was sitting on a ton of cash. I was ahead of my wife in terms of levels but once I spent that cash on aquariums, she was still ahead of me with unlocking tanks.

    Then, it also seems like the costs of stars in terms of beauty points have changed too (according to some other thread where we discussed the clutter), that might affect what tanks people have as well :-)

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    Another possible reason is a player getting to look at the ads or not.
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    Hi there! There's actually no straight connection between the number of beaten levels and opened aquariums in the game. It mostly depends on your personal style of playing Fishdom

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