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Thread: 30.07 Township Trivia

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    I count 16 residents.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scorekeeper View Post
    Lord, I really need new glasses...I increased the the left of the red haired lady in green...not a darn toga man but a chicken!! embarrassed.

    So my guess is now 16
    Score, thank you so much for posting this! It made me smile so hard (not at all in a "laughing at you" way but rather in solidarity with your experience because my eyes/brain make me see the strangest things in Township all the time! One day I will share with everyone what I spent an entire year thinking the Golden Sail trophy was depicting...)

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    16 for me too. And no toga-wearing chickens either.

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    I see 16 people

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    16 residents

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    do the animals (dogs, chicken, birds etc) not count as residents, too? ;-D
    we have f.e. statues with them...

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    I could see only 16 residents

    I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me.

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    I also make 16 residents, 1 scarecrow, three sheep, two chickens (in togas...), a dog, two birds, and a butterfly.

    On the understanding that were taking "residents" to mean "people": 16.
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    I counted 16 residents too, but, I am in this picture too, you can't see me,I am hidden behind one window, lurking what townies doing and speaking

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post

    On the understanding that were taking "residents" to mean "people": 16.
    exactly in TS, it is not that clear, with these animals having dinner at a table, like "people", and such but hopefully you are right, cos otherwise the question is also, whether the bird on the scarecrow counts separately.

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