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Thread: 30.07 Township Trivia

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    I also counted 16 residents.
    Town Name: Falcon......
    Level: 79
    Zoo: Hate It
    Playing on Android/iOS
    Friend Code: WMUVMM
    Always Full but will be "Happy to Help"!
    Co-op: Cat Show Boating

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    I can see 16 Residents
    Town: Ebostadt-Germany
    Game Level : 137
    Zoo Level : 36
    my one man Koop : Hand in Hand
    Playing on Android since February 2014 not on facebook

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    Pretty sure that there are 16 people.
    Town Name: Garden Grove
    Current Level: 77
    Co-op Name: Ilvirmorny
    Co-op Code: #VZK9Q8
    Zoo level: Love the New Zoo but it changes on the reg.

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    Howdy, Townshippers!

    Thank you all for participating, you did great 💥🌟💐 The correct answer is 16 RESIDENTS.

    And the TOWNSHIP TRIVIA WINNERS are kitty4715, Kiki123, scorekeeper, Assley Jain and King Falcon. Way to go, guys! 💜💪
    Keep an eye on your PMs to get your prizes.

    More contests are already on the way, so stay tuned!


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