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Thread: Friendship Day Gifts - Missing Friends

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    Friendship Day Gifts - Missing Friends

    The friendship Day Gifts are cute and I decided to spend a little to let my co-op, and several friends outside of my co-op, know how important they are to my game. After starting, I discovered one friend missing from my choice of friends to send a gift to. I’ve restarted and even deleted and reinstalled the game. No luck. Normally I would feel bad and explain to my friend, but this particular friend is only 8 years old and very important to our co-op. Can anyone think of anything that might help? Time is running out and he deserves a special decoration too.

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    If you visit his town and do not see the send gift icon on the lower left, he may not have the latest update. Ask him to check his store for any update. If he see none, ask him to uninstall/reinstall the game.

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    Thank you so much! I bet that is exactly what happened.

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