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Thread: Explaining opt out to foreign members

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    Explaining opt out to foreign members

    We have 4 members in Brazil. Can anyone help me with a Portuguese explanation?

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    You can try Google translate. You enter what you want to say and it translates it into whatever language you want.

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    Yes, google translate would be the way to do it. Put in what you want to say in English and ask it for the Brazilian translation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teresa Dunn View Post
    We have 4 members in Brazil. Can anyone help me with a Portuguese explanation?
    Hi Teresa, did you manage to do it ok?

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    Hey Teresa,

    I also read your post in the "Please Change the Default to Not Racing" thread. Our team has been where you are, and I know it sucks. In the end, we had to cut our losses by dropping non-speaking members from the team. I google translated something along the lines of "please opt out, or complete x amount of tasks this race to continue playing with us", and when they failed to respond, or succeed in the request, dropped them at the end of the week. It succcccked! I hate seeing red! But trust me, our team is so much stronger and happier for it.

    If you are the leader, you owe it to your fellow members to make the executive decision there. They deserve to race with the best right? I know its hard to balance "fairness" and you don't want to seem like a crazy dictator-- but its also "unfair" for your best racers to carry the others who can't understand and aren't reliable contributors. They should know what they signed up for when they joined an "EN" co op... and in the end having a high "helped" score doesn't win races.

    If your co op grows and gets more advanced, it will also get harder and harder to communicate task holding, and advance prep. When we were just starting out, sharing tips and suggestions like "Don't do a Plane task! that takes 15hours to complete," or "Only do harbor tasks if you have 4x ships," "feeding Bees isn't worth it if you only have 2 Apiary" etc. Were what really helped us learn and grow as a team.

    I encourage you to make the move sooner than later, before your awesome teammates get too demotivated!

    Good luck!
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