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Thread: Movie Director Payout

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    Movie Director Payout

    Is anyone else finding that the movie director (helocopter area) is no longer paying out cash for watching adverts? I used to get a minimum of 5 cash a day watching adverts. For the past two days I haven’t gotten one single cash. Was a change made?

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    I see no difference in my game.

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    I see no difference. I still get tcash at least once every cycle of videos.

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    I had cash yesterday as well as coin.
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    I am still getting tcash for videos this morning as well as coins for some videos.

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    My impression is indeed more coins than TC, but not since a few days only. Once in a while I get 1 tc still.
    OTOH, I thought the last days that I get more (!) TC than before from the mine chests and island chests and even HOL, but as I don't play them regularly, can't be sure.

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    I play the same town on my Kindle and android phone. I get no videos on my Kindle at present but do on my phone. Just watched 5 and 3 were for T-cash. This seems to be the norm. However, I have noticed a larger than average number of videos failing to a black screen.

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    I haven’t gotten a single cash now in three days - also I used to be able to watch three adverts in a row... now it only gives me one at a time (spaced an hour apart). I purchased some game cash for the first time last week. Maybe that is what messed it up? They are trying to force me into buying cash again?

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    It's been weeks since I've seen the director in my helipad. I had hoped the update would toggle him but nope.

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    There's no difference for me either.

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