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Thread: Show Number of Purchased Fish & Decorations

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    previous purchases

    Is it an option to somehow designate which decorations/fish have been previously purchased? Obviously, many can/will be purchased multiple times, but when considering the "Collector" achievement, it would be nice to know which decorations have NOT been purchased yet. Perhaps it could be something as simple as a check mark in the corner of the item's box in the store. Or a different colored price. Or a small number in the item's box indicating how many times it has been purchased. Just a thought...

    Thank you!

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    Know when you've purchased

    I'd like something to show what items I've already purchased. It's hard to remember when you have a few aquariums. I still would like to be able to purchase multiples of the same item!

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    I agree. This would be a great addition.

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    Hello there guys!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome ideas! I do agree with you that this feature would be super convenient (esp. since we have the Collector achievement). I'll definitely pass your suggestions to the devs, and let's hope they'll give it a thought

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    Hi sister_salt!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this useful feature You can find the discussion of this popular idea here. Feel free to post more suggestions

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    Yes!!! This please !!

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    Great idea! Yes please!!

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    A mark for decorations that have been bought

    It would sure be nice to have a mark by the decorations that you've already bought. I have nine aquariums unlocked and it is hard to keep up with which plants and decorations I've already used.

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    Agreed! I also find it hard to keep track of what I've already bought.

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    That's a great idea!

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