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Thread: Show Number of Purchased Fish & Decorations

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    Fish counting.

    I am dyslexic and have a short term memory so by clicking through my aquariums to check which fish I have already purchased I get frustrated and wish I could make my purchased fish monotone or highlighted to show I have at least on in an aquarium somewhere. This also aids me in my quest for 🏆 trophies 🏆.

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    I have wanted an option exactly for this purpose, just a little icon, like a star or check mark, indicating I have purchased a decoration or a fish. I have been playing this game for well over 18 months and have wanted to see this in an update.

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    Agreed. I'd like a counter, perhaps on the icon in the store, to say how many times I've bought something.

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    Identify bought fish & decorations

    Would be nice to know which fish and decorations have been purchased so that we could reach the Awards trophy! Can't you put a different colour or an image in the corner of the ones already purchased so we know which are already bought?
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    Überblick über die Fische

    Ich fände es schön, wenn jedes Aquarium einen Überblick über die Fische geben würde. Zum Beispiel ein Button wo eine Liste erscheint in der alle Fische mit Bild und Namen stehen damit man einen Überblick hat welche Fische man schon hat.
    Zusätzlich könnte man noch im Shop ein Zeichen an die Fische machen die man schon verwendet hat um zu sehen welche einem noch fehlen. Das wäre hilfreich um die Belohnung zu bekommen für so und so viel verschiede gekaufte Fische.

    Das wars schon, sonst finde ich das Spiel super klasse und hab die Lust immer noch nicht dran verloren! Kompliment an die Erfinder!

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    Marking decorations which is already in aqarium

    Is it possible to have some mark on decoration which is already in aqaurium.It will be much easier to buy those ones which u don't have becouse there is challenge "collector" and it would be nice to know which one (decoration) u already own. Thanx.

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    I second this request. It would be great to have some way to determine which decoration were already purchased. Thank you.

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    Identify purchased items

    Since you offer achievements based on purchasing different fish and decorations, there should be an easy way to identify what was already bought. The simplest way would be to leave the 'new' item star until the item is actually bought not just viewed.

    Great game! I play everyday!

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    Show what you fish and items you already own

    I lose track of what fish or items I have already purchased. I wish it would show you the fish or items you have already purchased or how many of each fish or item you already own.

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