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Thread: Leveling Path/Leveling Strategy

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    Leveling Path/Leveling Strategy

    At first my goal was to level as fast as I could. In the 4 months I've been playing I've managed to reach level 58. At level 55 I decided to change that goal as I slowly figured outhow much more difficult it was to complete orders with having more factories in play. I realized that upgrading factories first was a better long term goal than focusing on leveling as fast as I could. I have instead focused on upgrading! My trains are all 40% time and my critical factories (sugar,dairy,bakery) all have 8 slots and 20% time reduction. I figured I'd cap these factories at 30% time and max exp. After I'll work on other factories. I'm purchasing ore from the dealer and a few times a week using the 50% ingot time debuff as it's really cheap to use. Therefore, Im under the impression that upgrading my trains and factories is more beneficial to long term play than focusing on power leveling. Gold isn't an issue for me as I drop helicopter orders when I hover around a certain threshold. Is this a good strategy or is power leveling better for long term ease?

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    You will get a myriad of answers here.

    One of the great things about Township, is that you can play it on whichever way suits you.

    I think your strategy sounds good. Others will have other opinions. It's about finding what works for you.

    (I've been playing just over a year now, and I'm only level 70. People I was level with around the 30s/40s, are now level 90. Others are just coming up to 60).
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    No, the better strategy is to play it slow and be kind to your barn! Upgrading the barn, trains, factories and boats, should be the main priority. Using the helicopter brings in substantial xp and many players find that they level up too quickly and suffer with barns far too small for their needs.

    Enjoy your town!
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    It is all a matter of trial and error, just like life. I am a very newby, level 21. My biggest problem is not being able to go to the bank, had trouble getting my purchase,so kept getting refunds, then money went through,but I never got what I paid for, doffed my cap to Apple, got yet another refund, now all I get is ,sorry your purchase has not gone through. I love this game, especially as I was once a farm worker on a dairy farm when I was young, this is all my dreams come true, but I appear to be bankrupt sob sob

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    Oh are we supposed to have a strategy... is this a strategy game.... I think I missed the memo...
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    I mean...
    I realized I needed a strategy after I got land cramped from leveling so fast, unless I stopped building new factories, community buildings, and houses lol.

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    I think it helps to have something of a strategy to keep things balanced and moving forward. This game has many aspects to look after, so my approach has been to stay focused on leveling up. To do that you need XP. So I keep the planes, trains, and helicopters moving (in that order of preference). This means that you need your factories operating constantly. Factories produce XP too. Likewise you need your farm and ships producing constantly. So the factories and farm and ships all fall into a type of balance under this strategy.

    Plus I use Raja to help fill planes and trains and sometimes for zoo items.

    It seems like I was always saving up coins for new buildings. I am saving up again for the bouquet factory. All this tends to be my "main game." Regattas greatly help the "main game."

    Something of a midlevel game is leveling up the factories, trains, and ships. This requires working the mine to produce massive amounts of copper ore. The other metals are generally produced in a larger quantity than is needed when you focus on copper ore.

    This approach gives the least attention to land expansion (because TS coins are used to buy the greatly expensive buildings) and to the zoo (because the zoo requirements for the factories are often in conflict with other objectives in the main village--but this is a choice of strategy).

    I have been in the game for about two years, though I play in intervals due to travel. I am at level 94 with all buildings built except the new bouquet factory. I have 13 land expansions remaining (4 are the new additions). I have several factories upgraded to around L15 or higher (Sugar is at L30). Trains are upgraded to L22. And I have all the collections finished except the dinosaurs, which is halfway.

    I now try to keep at least 50 items each of farm produce from tomatoes upward. I try to keep my factories producing items faster than I need them. So I keep churning out sugar, dairy, bakery, textile, and rubber items. These 5 factories are special because they only use farm items (the bakery has a few exceptions). I try to have 2-3 of the other factory items, but that takes a massive effort to master and keep in some kind of balance.

    This is by far the best building game I know. And since I spend so much time here, I don't know what other similar games are available.

    I am not saying that my strategy is the best. I am mainly trying to give the OP a perspective learned from all this time I have invested in this game.

    I hope that more people will respond. I welcome good strategy insights.

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