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Thread: How Many Building Materials Are Needed for Bouquet Factory?

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    How Many Building Materials Are Needed for Bouquet Factory?

    Does anyone know how many building materials are needed for the Bouquet Factory?

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    Factories do not require any building materials, just the 750000 coins, 17200 population and 4 days to complete.
    Only community buildings, zoo enclosures and zoo shops require building materials.

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    Thanks for your answer.

    I have all the community buildings built in the main town. So I wonder why I keep getting building materials. Its been so long since I built a factory, I can't remember what it requires after the days it takes to build. The zoo items use different building materials.

    So I take it that it is safe to delete building materials for the main town?

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    In addition to the 'special' building materials the zoo buildings need (screwdrivers, timber, etc), they also still need the ones we also used for our community buildings (bricks, slabs, glass). See here a list of all required materials for all zoo buildings.
    You can sell any excess you have, and only keep what you need for the next building you're planning to get.

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    Thanks for the link. It is very helpful.

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