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Thread: Have a list of fish in each tank

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    Have a list of fish in each tank

    As many have said, they mainly play this game for the fish. As do I. After multiple tanks and purchasing many different fish for each tank it’s hard to keep track of which fish are in which tank. I could go to each tank to see which fish I have but that takes a long time, plus they’re fish! They’re swimming around and sometimes it’s difficult to tell which fish are in the tank. It would be nice to have some sort of way to keep track of which fish were purchased and where they are. This could be done in the store where when looking at a specific fish there can be an indicator of how many are already owned (similar to the display of when a fish is stored). Or, at each tank there can be an option to look at the list of all the fish. You could make it informative on a fancy display like you would see at a real aquarium. In a real aquarium there are hundreds of tanks and each one has a display with a list of every fish and some interesting information about each fish. I think that would be a fabulous way of improving your game for all the fish lovers and in the meantime it would make it much easier for all the players to keep track of all their fish.

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    It shouldn’t be hard to make a log sheet of everything you have in each tank. Easiest would be as you buy each fish, plant, accessory etc

    You could list just a simple name, or do a screen shot of each item’s listing, or get as creative as you want with seperate page (s) for each tank, all kept in a binder as elaborate as you’d like.

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