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Thread: Stars.

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    Exclamation Stars.

    I'll start by saying that I love this game. It's great to have a match 3 -game with well, something more than just the match levels. Renovating the house is really fun, the levels are not way too hard, and I like the competitions.


    I've just unlocked the garage, and the first task I had was to unveil the car. It costs 4 stars. FOUR. Just to do one simple task. And I'm sure that won't be the only task that requires that huge amount of completed levels. It takes so long to even get the stars you need, especially when the levels are extremely difficult. Even the 3 stars needed for some tasks felt a bit too much. Like, you needed a total of TWELVE stars to hang the pictures and African masks behind the fireplace. Just ridiculous.

    I completely understand that it takes time to make more levels and to get other places of the house ready to play. But don't you think that this might have become a bit too hard?

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    This may be petty but I think that the stars requirement are too much for small tasks. So hit a bump. See the pic attached. I refused to give 2 stars to make a drink. So, I have stopped renovating the mansion. I just play the match 3 game. I guess I feel as like I spend so long getting one star and for the game to ask for 2 just to make a drink is ridiculous.


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    I totally agree. The amount of stars it takes to complete minor tasks is irritating. It takes so long to earn those stars. Tasks should cost less stars and there should be more ways to earn stars. Like more stars for hard levels. Stars when watching ads. Extra stars when completing a level with a bunch of unused lives.

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