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Thread: Receive T-Cash for Helping Others

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    Receive T-Cash for Helping Others

    Is it possible to receive TownCash for helping others on their trains?

    Is this something that has considerable impact on the game's business model?

    What I would like to do is to be able to receive T-Cash whenever I help somebody with their train requests. At least 1 T-Cash per request fulfilled.

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    You only receive coins, XP and clovers when filling a train/plane crate in your friends' towns.
    If you help Ernie with a crate (plane or train), next day you will receive a balloon from him containing 1 tcash.

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    I really do not think this idea would go well with their business. We get clovers to play the House of luck where we can win some T-cash.

    With your idea I would have won more then 60K T-cash so far. Nobody would buy T-cash that way.

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    I guess I made the proposal before actually getting to the point where I could get clovers, etc. So, it is all good. Thank you!

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