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Thread: What is that in my friends town?

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    What is that in my friends town?

    A few of the people in my co-op have mentioned that when they are exploring others towns they come across buildings or decorations that peek their interest.

    We were wondering if there could be a way to find out the name of a building or decoration as well as at what level they bought it OR if it was a special item from a regatta race or town tournament/activity.

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    As far as I know there's a point on the list of frequently suggested ideas the might be the function you're searching for:

    *Tap Buildings/Decorations In Other Players' Towns & Have Their Names Pop Up (like we can with our own towns)

    It is not implemented at the moment, but maybe in the future....

    At the moment the only way that comes to my mind is to search for it in the Township Wiki ( That's not very comfortable, but it should work
    Maybe someone else knows a better alternative that already works

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    Nothing better, just another: Apart from the Wiki search, it's a possibility to post a screenshot here, or, describe where to find it in someone's town, and deliver Coop tag and town name with it. Some nice veteran players have sometimes looked it up and answered.

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