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Thread: Solo play: 135 point tasks ridiculously absent

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    Solo play: 135 point tasks ridiculously absent

    I have been playing for 2.5 years, but a few months the 135 tasks have essentially disappeared. I have dumped 800+ tasks to even get reach the number needed to complete ricotta. It takes days and days to complete whereas in the past I dumped around 300-400 tasks to get a good board and then could finish regatta in the top three within 1-2 days. For months, I am lucky to make top 20 because the 135 tasks just do not pop up. As a solo player, I have no chance of actually competing unless I take all 135 tasks; otherwise, there would not be an issue. When I dump 800ish tasks, I maybe dump 5-10 135 tasks, most planes, trains or except for olives and coconuts, boats. As a solo player, you cannot take trains, planes, or boats (except olives and coconuts) and have any chance of being in top three. If I do not dump at least 600 then most times I cannot even get enough tasks to even finish the regatta and that includes trains and planes. I love playing, but this is excruciatingly frustrating. I have contacted support 2-3 times, but has only gotten worse. Are any other solo players experiencing this? I get many players are getting plenty of 135 tasks, that is awesome for you, but I am wanting to see if this is an individual issue or if any other solo players are having the same issues. I average 6-20 135 tasks available. Never more than 20 135 tasks and 20 is rare. On average, I would say 6-12 135 tasks available. Thank you.

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    Hi GameGeekGirl: I race solo as well. I had a very hard time getting 135's this week. At one point, I waited 5 hours before getting a 135 task. I was willing to do any 135 that came up (even rubber or silk) but for 5 hours, nothing. I completely understand your frustration. Most times I feel like I spend the majority of my time dumping tasks instead of actually racing. If not for the cute decorations this season (they will go well with the beachfront area of my town), I would stop racing altogether.

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    Thank you so much for sharing your frustration.
    I will admit, however, I would be thrilled if I received a 135 task after 5 hours. I have had a total of FIVE 135 tasks since Tuesday. I kept four of the tasks and dumped the plane. I already have almost 400 dumps with only one being the 135 plane I just mentioned. I have not had a doable regatta week since Jan/Feb. Again, I really thank you for sharing your dismay. I definitely can commiserate with you and am sorry you are also having problems that affect the enjoyment of playing the game. I do wish you luck in your game play and hope they are able to fix the glitch for solo players.

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    I apologize if I sounded like I was minimizing your frustration by saying I would be thrilled with your game. I definitely do not mean to come across that way as frustration is frustration. I was really meaning that I was jealous you actually had a few 135 tasks and did not intend to minimize or dismiss your similar experience. Just wanted to clarify.

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    From what Ive read these last months Playrix do appear to have greatly decreased the number of 135 points that appear on the board at the same time. It seems a maximum of only 3 x 135 tasks can be on the board at once. So if you already have this number of 135 points on your board no amount of dumping will get you more. If you are really really lucky you can find a hot cell which has a higher chance of returning another 135 task.

    For this week’s race I am in steel league which certainly had a lot more low point tasks than when I was in gold league. I completed the 12 x 135 tasks with a dump rate of 106.

    It also appears that Playrix have removed the rule that your race starts when you select your first task. When this change was made is anyone’s guess as they did not tell us. Now the race clock starts when the race does so a delayed start is now useless. If you are asleep when the race start too bad for you. If my understanding of this change is incorrect I welcome more information on this.

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    Oh, thank you so much. I had no idea about no more than 3 on the board at the same time. I am curious to see if this is the issue. Thank you!! I had no idea they changed where race starts the same time. This is awful for solo players as we do not have teammates to play when one is not available. It should be helpful information, however. Thank you again for your help.🙂 I cannot wait until next week to try both suggestions. I can try the 3 on the board this week. All the best to your town and you.

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    Hi, I also race solo and it’s a challenge all right. I did get a stroke of luck and had back to back HOL 135 tasks-almost fell off my chair! Yet it seems that all those racing in my league, except for the bottom 3, seem to be getting 135 tasks-either they have been really great at planning & have sent off those planes and boats I keep wondering how they’re doing it. And the top 3 have already finished. The regatta seems to be for dumping rather than sailing

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    Quote Originally Posted by GameGeekGirl View Post
    I apologize if I sounded like I was minimizing your frustration by saying I would be thrilled with your game. I definitely do not mean to come across that way as frustration is frustration. I was really meaning that I was jealous you actually had a few 135 tasks and did not intend to minimize or dismiss your similar experience. Just wanted to clarify.
    Hi GameGeekGirl: I did not take it as you minimizing my frustration. No worries! As Cathy stated above ....3 135s is all you can get. However, I didn’t have any 135s for 5 hours. Nothing I did worked. Like I that point, I was willing to do a 135 rubber or silk if those came up, but alas, not even those did.

    Playrix definitely changed the algorithm......Instead of letting their customers know, they deny it. I know this because I had an ongoing discussion with one of their customer service rep. Nothing we can do.

    I wish you well in your race.

    Take care

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    Sorry to put on this post but it seems i cannot start a new thread or find another one regarding 135 regatta tasks. It is with regret, I have today instructed my medium sized co op to STOP racing. We have been in golden leaque since almost the start of the co op, usually coming in top 3. Last week, we came 12th with a perfect full score finishing on Saturday, we normally finish Friday or before. This is due to the quality and quantity of 135 tasks. We have dumped liked crazy day and night. We are again in 12th position and likely to be demoted to silver now we have stopped racing. Some of our team have spent more Tcash than ever to complete tasks so far and we decided it just was not worth it to carry on. The fun has gone and we know when we are flogging a dead horse. Very upset.

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    Oh, how disappointing!! I am so glad you posted here because you and your team are experiencing the same thing. I only stated solo bc anything I read about 135 tasks co-ops with several players seemed not to understand we had to play 135 tasks in order to compete. In golden, the same thing you have to take 135 tasks to have any hope of top three. Like you, I have really enjoyed this game, but the algorithms have made the regattas impossible. I hope developers take us seriously and tweak the problems. I am so sorry for you and your co-op and all of us who are having trouble. It really puts a wet blanket on the game play. Continued well wishes for happy townshipping!

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