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Thread: Confused by backstory

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    Confused by backstory

    What's the deal? Is Austin's family rich or are they butlers? Supposedly he and his father come from a line of butlers but they live in a mansion and his grandfather was a famous explorer? What did I miss?

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    And so many spend time and real money helping them regain the glorious real estate great grand papa left. lol Why - and HOW did Austin's parents let the place fget so run down?

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    In order for the story to make sense, you have to take a lot of creative license. I figure Austin's family is independently wealthy. They would have to be in order to be able to afford a massive renovation like this. The money would likely have had to come before Austin's explorer grandfather, so I figure a distant relative was a successful businessman or banker. Something along those lines. I suppose they also could have been gangsters. Maybe great-great-great granddad made a killing bootlegging.

    As for Austin's explorer grandfather, he could have made some significant money, too. And Austin's dad was a famous race car driver once, so he likely made a lot of money that way. Butlers don't make a ton of money, so this fortune would have to have been made some other way than butlering (is that a word?) unless one of their wealthy employers had no relatives and left one or both of them all their money. Possible, I suppose.

    I figure the estate got rundown since Austin's parents are older and maybe they spent some time traveling or snowbirding and so weren't keeping up with their maintenance duties. Hard to say really. To me, it's more believable that Austin's family is super rich than that they would have let their home fall into such disrepair.

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    well, except that they make "me" (or you all as well) play these match 3 games before any work gets done, or items get "purchased" and/or "installed". Why or how am I this mysterious benefactor who helps this family rebuild their house and grounds?

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    But if he was such a good butler, y hasn’t he got a job....did he get fired n have to run back home to mum n dad? No income of his own so he must get an allowance to pay for his phone n computer n parrot food.

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