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Thread: Hiker and idol with pink eyes

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    Hiker and idol with pink eyes

    While feeding my friends' fish, I have seen a hiker holding a jewel and an idol with big pink eyes in many of the Lost World tanks. But as I went along, I found them in earlier tanks that should not have access to the decorations yet. And it was only those two items that I found. I was wondering if they were prizes for one of your contests. I don't want to think anyone of my game friends would use a cheat that gave them access to decor that wasn't available yet. Could someone please clarify this for me?

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    Once you gain access to a decoration, you can put it in any tank you have opened, even previous one. You can replace, move any decoration from an earlier tank.
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    My whole point was that the tank and decoration shouldn't have been available but they have them in their tank anyway. I was hoping and admin would weigh in on this. Maybe I just need to contact help support.

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    I believe what you’re referring to was the reward in buying a 3-part set of diamonds a while back. I don’t normally do that, but wanted to see what all you could get, and the price wasn’t that bad. Won’t do it again, as my interest in this game has been lost due to all the updates they have made that have ruined the game for me. (BTW, I’m not even up to the Lost World, so it had nothing to do with being at that level.)

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    Thank you... I knew it had to be something like that rather than cheating. I appreciate your reply.

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