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Thread: Decoration Area

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    Great idea! Probably it's similar to Amusement Park idea but I totally support it!

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    Let's hope Playrix would think the cost of the extra server space would be offset by us all buying tonnes more decos, lol

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    Love this idea! Please...please...please!

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    I'd think this idea has enough support to put it on the Frequently Suggested Ideas-list? so it doesn't get forgotten... please, Nevada?

    either under "Creative", or the first (Town Display, Design, and Landscaping)...?

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    Cineville, yes, I got the idea from not only the amusment park idea, but also the botanical gardens, aquarium, portal, and MORE LAND ideas. The way I was looking at it is that the no-no list has not been added to/updated since 8-23-2017. So in almost a year the devs have not come back and said we will not do this, this, or this. They've also not said, "Wow, what a great idea! We're going to start working on that, does anyone have anymore input on this idea?" Basically we're left in the dark as to any project or idea they are working on. Saying that, I think they may, and I'm only guessing, think something like an amusement park could be too daunting of a project. I want to let them off the hook of 'designing' anything new. Just give us an area and WE'LL design it!

    Bessville, I did not mean a 'Junk Drawer', lol! Although we do ALL have those in real life so why not......

    Nana, I like villages but some areas are just, well, areas, not really villages. I was thinking something like 'Scenic Points', but that still doesn't sound quite right.

    To everyone else, thanks for the support!

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    Oops, sorry DD, yes I quite agree.

    Although, I have already linked this post to Anna a few days ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post

    Although, I have already linked this post to Anna a few days ago.
    Whatever works but when in the thread, and fulfilled, we'd have another one visible for the Done-listing there

    btw, don't understand today's Edit there, which housing request? the re-coloring? (was that really that frequent?)

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    Precisamente es la idea que iba a sugerir, un área temática, donde poder colocar las decoraciones temáticas que adquirimos en las regatas y las que compramos con lingotes en la zona de decoraciones.

    Con los edificios, fabricas y demás, no podemos colocar todas estas decoraciones tan bonitas y estaría bien poder hacerlo en un área destinada exclusivamente para ello, igual que tenemos un área exclusiva para nuestro zoo.

    Muchas gracias a los moderadores por tener en cuenta nuestras sugerencias y al equipo de desarroyadores por hacerlas realidad

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    Yes please. We can then keep our main town 'realistic' and have somewhere to use themed decor.

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    Yes to hedges!

    Quote Originally Posted by Virginia_Gardens View Post
    Now if only we could get some cute new hedges like different colored rose bushes or azaleas, to separate out each of our villages.
    When space is limited, hedges and fences take up precious squares. But towns look so nice with them! I'd love more options. You make a good suggestion with flowing hedges. More possibilities:
    - split rail fence would be nice for my cowboy area, and
    - here in New England stone walls are everywhere, fitting my town

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