I read other threads about this matter but (probably upset for what just happened to my coop) I am not able to understand why the following scenario happened.

Here the story:

Our coop started the regatta hours later than another one as they had already completed one or more task when we started.

They are in Europe (Italy) and we are in the US (eastern time).

When all our members started their first task we have been able to see the other coops and that the other team had already completed some tasks.

We completed all the tasks working hard before them and we were in first position with the maximum of the points this afternoon (I have the screenshots of this).

The servers were synced as I play in the coop with other family members and the data were perfectly matched on all our devices. We verified this thing during the regatta and after completing it (even celebrating our victory).

Strangely, after half an hour or more, the coop that was leading when we started the regatta (so they surely started way before us) jumped in first position.

So we finished before them in less time (again, I have the screenshots of when we completed all the tasks and we were first and the other coop was 405 points = 3 tasks behind of us).

My question is the following: is it possible that someone is able to change the clock on his own device or on his own personal server to get finished before another team even if this second team finish the race before them? Could this be possible, maybe, for the time difference between different countries?

I’m so sorry to take this eventuality in consideration but I’m really positive that we finished before and that we did everything in less time than them and it will be great if someone could be able to check the server logs to verify if there is any possible way to hack the system and change the results.