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    Newbie here. I've been enjoying Gardenscapes quite a bit. I appreciate the constant opportunities for getting bonuses and coins.

    The current options in the settings menu are
    Music: on/off
    Sound: on/off
    Notifications: on/off

    I suggest adding an "Options" button/tab to the Settings menu that opens another screen so you can add more options.
    Hints: on/off
    Austin: Nanny/Butler (This started with the last update. "Oh no! You'll lose all your points if you don't continue!" after Every Single Loss (during events, which are only happening about 90% of the time). Butlers wait to be noticed. Nannies nag.)
    Show safe on main screen: on/off
    League participation: on/off
    Power save: on/off

    And so forth. It will allow people to tailor their experience a little more.

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    Please add a full screen mode.

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