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Thread: What Would You Like To See In The Garden?

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    I would love a bigger choice than just 3 of each selection. 3 types of trees. 3 types of flowers etc. Just one or two extra options would be nice. I personally like keeping my garden in a similar style/theme so the fact I can't have the blue seated benches around the dog house area or the brown iron benches around the first fountain area bothers me a bit.

    I have to say I do like the crowded look go the garden especially in the dog house area. It'd be nice to revisit the first area and add some more flowers to it. I can't help but feel it looks a little bland as it is.

    Oh and each zone having a theme is nice. Perhaps having some kind of Druidic shrine somewhere. And maybe kind of terrace/bbq area near the river with recliners and a bqq and perhaps even a task for Austin to throw a party for everyone you've met so far. And have them explore them explore and comment on your garden.

    Anyway hope this provides some inspiration.

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    Maybe collection book that might be collecting 10 of an object to receive a bomb or life or collect 100 objects skip level or a tool to bust rows

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    Очень хотелось бы закончив благоустройство сада перейти и начать ремонтировать дом изнутри посетить его ремонтировать комнаты, это было бы очень интересно!

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    I am in the statue/labyrinth area. Just pulled the covering off. What I would like is a choice of statues. I realize there would need to be a choice of story threads too, but I think that would make the game more fun and more interesting. We could have a more personalized garden. If the reward for finishing projects or areas was a measure of control over the look, that would be more incentive to play on.

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    Thanks for all of your ideas and suggestions! I'm passing them to the devs today

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    Great Idea!

    Quote Originally Posted by TessTess View Post
    I would like (when you click on the mail box and Austin opens it) to see a gift in there of a free power up once a day to make it a bit easier to pass some difficult levels.
    I find myself enjoying the game less and less, because it seems almost impossible to get through some (many) levels. Earning coins is slow; power-ups expensive & for the price you get only 1. I haven't done any gardening for quite some time. I'm too busy jumping through hoops to earn stars. I'll be dead and gone before I finish, I feel. I'm 62 & serious.

    So, giving a free power-up a day is very palatable. Great idea.

    I suggest you give 3 power-ups instead of just 1 when purchased. This is the norm in other great games that I play. More bang for your buck. No pun intended.

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    My birthday is on Christmas. May I have one for my birthday, as well? I'll be 63 this Christmas.list! I'm kidding about a birthday gift, of course. That is my birthday, thohgh.

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    Is there anyway to be able to change the color of our mansion? It would also be fun to tap on our puppy; mine is name Maximus.. If I could tap him and then the fountain and he would go jump in it. Tapping him and then his dog house.. Ya okay he looks at it.. Why no be able to go in it.. Like when you tap the puppy and then the dog training board.. He will walk it. I am always tapping things.. Butterflies, birds people on the street.. Really would be nice for more interactive. We have major limitations. Why not hide a power up, free life, coins etc. just for tapping items.. It would be like a hidden un advertised surprise. A lot of games have these types of surprises and surprised this game doesn't? Or does it?

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    I would like to be able to develop the first area a bit more, compared to everywhere else it is very shabby, the paving is not great, no flowers etc.

    I would like to see some wildlife ponds, more informal garden features, an arbour, pergola, rose arches, more stepping stones, maybe a rill or small waterfall, raised beds. Plants in pots would be nice, and hanging baskets. In terms of formal features a koi pond would be great, and a knot garden, table and chairs instead of just benches. The vegetable garden someone suggested sounds great, a herb garden could also work.

    I definitely agree that a wider range of flowers would be much appreciated and I would like to see some large shrubs like rhododendrons, magnolia, camellia, buddleia, lilac, witch hazel etc

    I like that the game sticks to garden features and would hope it keeps to that aestetic, I would not like to see any gimmicks.

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    I guess I am a little on the opposite side of what a lot of people are saying. I'd like to have the choice of leaving the beautiful green grass in some areas and not adding all the flowers and such. Some areas just look to busy to me and over crowded. I do agree on more of a selection on trees, flowers and shrubs. I like the more uniformed, well trimmed look better than the bushy unkept shrubs to be honest. But the castle topiary is awesome! I just wish I could have left grass in areas. The little bit of grass you see in that area is beautiful and would have looked better if there were no flowers in the 4 section where the bench and trees are. So that's my suggestion, the option to leave just the grass and a couple more choices on things.

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