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Thread: Regatta changes on iMAC version

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    Regatta changes on iMAC version

    So this morning found that the Regatta has changed on the iMAC version and my co-op and myself are still trying to figure out what the new rules are. Was anything sent out by Playrix?

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    I have a IMAC as well. I was shocked to see the changes. It is awful! It makes me not even want to play.

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    Its the new inter seasonal format, been going a while now on iOS/android
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    Just to be clear, this type of regatta is for 1 week only in between regular season. Next week you will be back to the regular season.

    You can read about it HERE
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    I would suggest skimming through the post Graylady linked. You'll probably find a lot of help there already. Also, please do feel free to ask anything you feel needs clarification.
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    And why no precious chests on Mac ? Are we going to see them tomorrow when all is already finished???
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    Migatown, you can dump any chests that you don't want. Here's another thread that you might find helpful Interseasonal Tips
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    Why is there no precious chest in the MacBook inter seasonal Regatta..Only wood,Iron and Gold.This is happening to everyone..This must be a glitch on Playrix part.We have played for 2 days and not 1 single precious task?

    @Pink ..Migatown asked the same as myself, nothing to do with dumping chests.
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