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Thread: Fastest Finisher or First to Finish

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    Fastest Finisher or First to Finish

    We just finished our race an hour faster, but 2:45 hours behind the first team to finish our race (they had a 3:45 hour head start). Who should be the winner?
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    In this case, your co-op should be the winner, since it spent the least time from the time the co-op started their race until they finished it.
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    That is what I thought, but we are in second! And I have been getting conflicting answers to my question.

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    I've seen cases where only at the end of the regatta, after the scores are tallied, that the co-ops are shifted to their corresponding spot.
    And i'm sure we can find here on the forum players saying that they were in a certain position, and when the scores were shown, they dropped down a place.
    This might as well be one of those cases.

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    Dan, how do you know about their head start? We have no way of knowing when another team take their first task and start their timer.

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    I had always thought it was the team that completed their tasks in the shortest amount of time (meaning clock starts the minute they pick up a task and ends as soon as they finish their last task). At this point, I cannot remember if I read that first here on the forum or somewhere in the Playrix Rules/Help/FAQ.

    I just went to the Support page to look up what is officially in their FAQ. This is what it currently states:

    IMPORTANT NOTE: if multiple co-ops finish in a tie, the co-op that completed the tasks the fastest wins. The clock starts at the same time as the regatta.

    I'm honestly not sure how to interpret that. To me, it reads more like our team clock starts the second the regatta begins and not when we take our first task. So....maybe it is "whoever gets there first" Could this be a new change? I really thought I remembered them saying it differently before...I don't remember that second line ("The clock starts at the same time as the regatta") being there.

    EDIT: I did a search on this forum. I found these two instances from cdosr dated 1/3/17 and Graylady dated 9/21/17 making reference to what is officially stated in the Playrix FAQ. They both only quote Playix as simply saying "the one that completed their tasks the fastest wins." Neither of them mention anything about the clock starting at the same time as the regatta. Both Charlie and Graylady are detail oriented people, and I highly doubt they would leave any additional information out. Based on this, I believe Playrix updated their FAQ page and added a second statement, so the way they determine who wins may actually be different now.
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    You're right kitty, this was, and still is a topic of great confusion among us players, and could never get an official answer to this dilemma. There are many threads debating this, and the quote from the support page does not clarify things at all, but just adds to the confusion.

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    I'll be back later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    Dan, how do you know about their head start? We have no way of knowing when another team take their first task and start their timer.
    There are several players on the team that beat us that have played with goc and are in close communication with us. We knew what their delay was before we even entered race, and they have confirmed it after race was over. We also entered the race already 6000 points behind.
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