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Thread: RAJA- make him worth our tcash

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    RAJA- make him worth our tcash

    Hi Team,

    It would be so nice if you could tweek Raja’s services just a bit. Don’t get me wrong, he’s great but it would be so nice if, when you used him for an item, you were able to buy that item for a bit cheaper than you can sell it for. And have it so that buying higher quantity gives you an even larger profit margin. This way we can build up a little coin. As it is, he serves no purpose but to fill yours and others orders and usually at a loss to yourself. We work hard for (or spend real money) for the t-cash it takes to use him.

    Thanks so much!

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    I find he usually does this already. As an example, I went to my heli and have an order for 3 corn soups (it was the only order needing one specific item) for $581. I went to market man and can buy 5 for $562. That gives me a tiny profit and 2 extra soups.

    Maybe you mean just selling from your barn? Which usually does not give as good of a profit as the heli or filling crates.

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    Raja's offering price can vary as well. If you alternate product searches (in order to get him to give different results) you will see not only varying quantities but also varying unit prices. Also the market boxes, while not Raja related, also offer varying prices and it is not uncommon to see two or more market boxes with the same item at very different unit prices.

    The amount you get for "selling" any product varies depending on how you sold it, barn, zoo, planes, trains, or helicopters. So judging "profitability" is difficult.

    The "coin production bonus" you get from upgrading the factories does not apply when you sell from the barn, the price shown in the barn is what you get when you sell it. I think this is the only "fixed sale price" for an item, it is always the same for barn sales. The prices for other ways of selling a product vary so it's hard to predict the future profit from any given item.

    The factory bonus does not apply when filling other people train or plane crates, the amount shown on the crate is the amount you'll get.

    Same with filling your own plane crates, the amount you're shown on the crate is all you will receive plus any award from filling the 1st, 2nd, or all 3 lines of crates.

    Filling your own train crates does not result in any coin amount, your own trains are experience points only.

    Selling the item in zoo has a fixed price and then any bonus depends on the "coin upgrade" for the zoo shop plus any zoo bonus if it is a "hot item", any "factory upgrade" bonus is not applied.

    I know the bonus does apply when you use the item for helicopter orders. The order price is credited and then any product "factory upgrade" bonus is added separately.

    So you have some level of control over the profitability by upgrading your factories and/or zoo shops.

    So, there are lots of ways to sell something and each ends up with a slightly different selling price.

    [Edit : added info but no matter how I edit this it comes out a little rambling and disorganized. Sorry ]
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    As Charlie said, Raj's offers will vary. I pretty much always haggle with him until I get the max quantity of items he offers, so I can't be too picky about the price. Sometimes I get lucky and he gives me a tiny deal (if I immediately went into the barn and sold off the items I just bought from him, I would make a profit of 1-100 coins). Often I end up paying him a little bit more than what the items are worth if I sold them from the barn.

    However, using Raj to buy items and then immediately sell them out of your barn is not and should not be an effective use of him IMO. If COINS are your main priority, I would recommend either:

    1) Filling your barn to capacity, then activating the Generous Customer helicopter booster which gives you double the coins for helicopter orders for 48 hours. Fill as many helicopter orders as you can over those two days, using Raj to restock on items every hour as you run out of things.

    2) Buy "hot" items from Raj to sell at the zoo. For example: Brownies are currently a hot item in my zoo Cafe. I happen to have coins upgraded by 15% for the Cafe, but even without upgrades, you will make a profit. I just bought 9 brownies from Raj for 1214 coins. If I went to my barn to sell those 9 brownies, I would only earn 1152 coins. BUT, if I sell the brownies at the Cafe in my zoo, I earn 296 coins per brownie or 2664 coins total after selling all 9. That comes out to a profit of 1450 coins. I can easily make a profit of over 10,000 coins per day selling items in my zoo.

    Also, just to point out, Raj can serve many purposes other than just filling orders for yourself or friends. For me, Raj was absolutely crucial to my ability to quickly upgrade my factories, trains and islands. I spent a long time buying Ore from Raj every hour so that I could be constantly making ingots to use for upgrades. You can also buy mining tools from Raj which can be helpful for mining regatta tasks. Also, when you reach the level that the jewelry store becomes available, you can buy Jewelry from Raj and then sell it to the Mafia Man at the helicopter pad in exchange for T-cash.

    EDIT: Just wanted to add....After I bought the brownies that I mentioned above, I used Raj to buy other items. Just now, he was available to me again, and I decided to ask for brownies again. This time, he offered me 9 brownies for 1130 coins (vs. 1214 earlier today)...So if I sold those from my barn right now, I'd make a 22 coin profit.
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    Thank you guys and Gals for your in-depth suggestions on how to better use RAJA. It takes time to post such details and I truly appreciate you taking your time to help us better our game!! I will definitely give these a try!!
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