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Thread: July Update Released For iOS

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    July Update Released For iOS

    No big “version” change, just a run of the mill update.


    Bouquet Factory cost: 750,000 coins
    4 Land Expansions lined up in same area as previous expansions
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    No update in the AppStore yet for me, on iOS. Whether that means I’ll get it soon, or that I’ve slipped back into the abyss of invisible updates and repeated reinstallation to get it remains to be seen.

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    Hi Bess. I had to go find it sitting in the Township section of the App Store. Search games, then Township.

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    The Bouquet Factory is cute, very pastel and doesn’t look good in my Factory area, so I put it with my flower shop.

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    I've updated the game and started to build the new factory. It'll take 4 days... BUT! The next plane asks for the Bouquets from the new factory... Great!
    I guess I'll buy them from the Raja, because no one will help me and I really don't want to spent 70 T-Cash to speed up the building (( And I suppose we might have a new regatta task...

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    Nothing "Zoo" in the new update. Yep, you can sell your enclosure building materials, people. Barn space!

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    Just now got the update (iOS).

    I searched TS in the app store and had nothing.

    I went to my "update" list, pulled it down to refresh it, and it popped up.
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    Morning Nana , Morning Sandy...and thank you

    What fields do I give up to grow new flowers for new factory? lol

    Sandy ..I guess we are selling all zoo requirements now..that's sad.

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    Finally, the old swipe-down worked! I take it all back, Vlad-from-Support, you said you’d fixed me and so you had.

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    Hi Zena. No new flowers, actually, so you won’t have to sacrifice crop fields.

    I decided to not clear expansions right now - no need for them since I got rid of the Egyptian village. Lots of space now.

    The next Seasonal Regatta Theme is Land of the Dinosaurs - ugh, ugh, ugh. Why?

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