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Thread: In game review for star worthy levels

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    In game review for star worthy levels

    If you have been playing a level for days on end to beat and you only get one star, you should be able to leave a review for how many stars you should be awarded (max 5 or 7 etc.) I’ve been stuck on 151 forever now and I do not deserve one star for it. Therefore the creators can see how many times you’ve tried but failed to complete and award you a reasonable amount of stars. It could be what you ask for or just what they believe you should get.
    How this works: there would be a button once you’ve finally completed the level (but this only pops up if it has taken 20+ tries (or something along those lines) to complete) asking something along the lines of it being a reasonable award. (You get the gist.) you press yes, nothing happens. You press no, a new box appears asking what a reasonable reward should be. It would show up to seven stars, like a rating system, and you pick the number.
    I’m sure many would be exaggerating and put 7, but this is why they would make an easy access button to see how many tries it takes.
    You would be awarded however many stars it said it would give you and if the creators agree that it was tricky and want to give you more for all the pain and suffering you went through, it would get sent in the “mail” and you can open them in the envelope!

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    Extra stars isn't going to happen. The number of available levels is too closely tied to the story; if they gave extra stars, it would break the game.

    What they should do, and I've said this before (twice), is give extra turns (and gold) the more times you've tried to complete a level. (And, also, that they should collect statistics on how many tries it takes players to complete each level, because they apparently don't understand how much "difficulty" is at the whim of the Random Number Gods.)

    Alas, good luck getting anyone to listen...

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    Oh, and... actually somewhat related to your idea, they should collect statistics on how many tries it takes a player to clear a level (and what boosters, if any, were used). Nice thing about this is that it just happens in the background, and players don't need to do anything.

    Changing the number of stars awarded may not be practical, but they could tweak stupidly hard levels to make them easier, even if just by giving more turns to start...

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