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Thread: Forum help!

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    Forum help!

    I go to add stuff to set my town level and everything and this shows up instead of a way to add any information! I tried on my iPad and Mac on safari and Firefox! What I am I doing wrong!738A15DF-AF39-4E76-B70A-C19A72C5374D.jpg

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    In order to add a signature (which is what i assume you're trying to do), instead on clicking on "customize my profile", you need to:
    - go to Settings (upper right corner, next to your username)
    - on the left side there's a panel with more options, under My Settings -> My Profile you'll find Edit Signature
    - click on Edit Signature and enter the text you want to be displayed under your posts
    - when you're done, click Save Signature, and you're all done.

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    That’s sounds deff better lol I’ll try that thanks so much!,

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