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    Beauty Points

    Are the creators of the aquariums adding up the beauty points needed to get all stars? In the last 3 aquariums -- Wonderland, Fairytale Ball & Lost World, along with using all items associated with aquarium and all most expensive fish (over & over again), it is almost impossible to reach beauty points needed. Plants dont help because the value is so small. Aquariums dont look nice and relaxing at all since they are becoming extremely junky.

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    Hi Pnelson just wanted to say there is a thread abt this if u didn't see it already in the suggestions section. I started it, title is "128,000 beauty points for one star?" Some of us are just not interested any more; there are some suggestions on how to make tanks look less cluttered. Good luck!

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    Thanks dandelion. I hadn't seen that. Its good to know others feel the same. Now if only the creators would step up.

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    There's quite a storm of negative comments about the recent changes on Facebook under every Playrix post.

    I feel like the company doesn't really care about what players and fans think. I guess they count on having brand new players after we get tired of fruitless complaining and quit. But I'm afraid that some new elements suck so badly that new players will complain even if they can't compare to earlier versions thst were better and the way you earn beauty points is a good example.

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    And all of the additional clutter with squids,penguin and the annoying bathyscape with no opportunity to move it.

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