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Thread: 12.07 Volunteer Moderators Wanted!

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    12.07 Volunteer Moderators Wanted!

    Hey, Townshippers! 💐🎈

    If you want to make a very special contribution to our asTOWNishing community, now it’s the time to step up!
    We're in search of TWO real superheroes aka FORUM MODERATORS 💪🔥

    • Moderating Township Forum (trashing spam, merging & closing threads, etc.)
    • Helping Township players with their requests, concerns & feedback
    • Staying in touch with our admins

    • Good knowledge and understanding of the game and its features
    • Kindness, friendliness and willingness to help
    • Active, daily participation on the forum

    If you’re interested in this position and meet all the requirements, post a reply to this thread with a small CV (resumé) and a few details about your Time Zone. And don’t forget to share your Township story!
    We will also be happy to answer any questions you might have ✌🌈

    Our team is looking forward to learning more about you! 👇📣💬

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    Hey township! I’m a level 78. I’ve been playing everyday for almost a year. I am a co op leader. I started my own Facebook group for sharing town decor and tips and tricks. I’m a good researcher for finding out how anything works in township. I live in the USA and have eastern time zone. I’m not sure what a cv is lol. I’d love to help others learn even more like I have and help out! I don’t know where to put a game suggestion but can you guys make regatta tasks others are doing show progress like interseasonal? Or maybe just for co leaders and leaders?

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    A CV is a resumé, Steverpeeps.
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    If you are not familiar with forums, please read this : What is a moderator?
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    Hi Township, I have been playing Township for almost 2 years. I am level 67 and 35. I am the leader of a co-op. We are a smaller group right now, but we are golden league. I have been in a larger co-op, but with issues there decided leaving was best. I live in north central IL, so I am in the central time zone. I play the game daily, compete in regattas and the inter seasonal regatta. I love the game! My husband tells me I need help, because I play so much. Even though it’s a game I do take doing my part seriously.
    Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Thanks for your time.

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    All of that is what I expected just never heard of cv before

    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post
    If you are not familiar with forums, please read this : What is a moderator?

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    I have a question about this announcement for moderators that bugged me a bit last few times around - why is this advertised on the facebook page of the game?!
    A moderator should be active here, on the forum, so if someone needs the fb announcement to know about it, it's most probably not suited for the position. Also, like it happened last times, this thread will be inundated by new forum members who are not familiar with the forums at all, and don't know what moderation actually implies, and most probably confuse it with an in-game thing.
    Or do they really consider picking someone who never posted here before, who was never involved in this part of the community?

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    Superhero available here lol

    Thank you Graylady for the helpful link.

    Hello there,

    I am in US EST time.

    I have leveled up 46 levels in less than 60 days. I currently race in a golden league and have been in different Co-op scenarios. I play a few times day. I love creating a beautiful town and buying decorations that will make my town cohesively atheistically pleasing for others to visit.

    I have been on the forum for quite a while and enjoy it. I am on here daily at different times of the day and like checking for new posts. I respond quickly to messages. I have reported a few posts that need moderation. I love playing township and the forums have provided a venue to express my thoughts, understand others' perspectives, and learn more bout the game. I answer all kinds of threads and make sure my contributions are meaningful.I believe in "making a place better than how you found it" therefore becoming a moderator I have a bigger possibility to enhance the community and the experience.

    I am helpful, polite, professional and articulate. I write my posts in a respectful manner and consider reducing/avoiding conflict to be very important. I have been a moderator before and understand the responsibilities, forum etiquette as well as our forum rules.

    Thank you and kind regards.

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    Hay Township I'm Live In Indonesian I'm At Level 83 I Enjoyed This Township Game From Event Venue Up To The Regatta Model Seasonal In Existence If There Is The Duty Of The Contents Of The Train Or The Airplane That Doubles The Advantage Can Apart You Complete The Task That Is Fast And Can Clover To Task Hol Build Township From Zero Up To This It Requires Old Time And Every Builder My Level Never Up To Debt Factory Nor The House Population Games Very Fun Helping Friends Who Are On Friend List List As Long As It Must Be Sure I Can Help Thank You

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