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Thread: Why more factories?

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    Why more factories?

    Why are there constant requests for more factories? Haven’t we got enough factories already? Isn’t 27 enough? Another factory just means you need more storage space in an already “always full” barn. Emphasis should be put to increasing the usefulness of what is already there like the jewellery factory and the mint, for example, both of which I totally ignore. The space-hogging community buildings should do more than take up space. If people what more population enable this by doing something with the houses we already have.

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    I agree with you Cathy! At this point, I'm not interested in any more factories or community buildings. The amount of factories remained stagnant for so long....The Kitchenware factory was added in November 2016 and then there was nothing new for well over a year. I designed my factory area in my town with the understanding there wouldn't be any new additions. Then BAM! Out of nowhere, the Music Factory gets added April 2018. Luckily, I had the Mint in my factory area, so I moved the mint elsewhere and put the music factory in its place (Never use the mint so don't care where it is). If/When we get a new factory, I have no idea where I'd put it. I'm not going to redesign my entire town to fit it with the other factories. I could simply not purchase it, but that would make me sad. I'm a completist in that sense - I want to build everything the game suggests.

    I'd much rather they develop something completely new. A few people mentioned a Botanical Garden that would be similar to the zoo. That would be lovely

    EDIT: Upon further research, I guess the Down Feather Factory was the last one added? Feb 2017. I just assumed it was Kitchenware since that requires the highest level and I didn't think they'd add new ones for lower levels. But still. Over a year without any indication that new factories were coming.
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    But you don’t have to get every factory. I have always taken the pick & choose method and it has never interfered with gameplay. I don’t have every animal in the zoo either, I only chose the animals I liked.

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    The last factory I purchased was the beverage factory at a cost of 300,000. I'm so not in a hurry for the next factory, the hot dog factory, because I'd much rather spend the coin in decorating.

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    I think people believe they have a creative idea and want to share it without considering the actual consequences of a new factory - cost, barn space, time.

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    Can anyone tell me what factories are really needed and what I shouldn't bother with?

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    Are there constant requests for new factories? I can’t remember having seen many, if any, though it’s possible I blanked it from my memory out of sheer horror at the notion.. I can barely store the goods I can make already!

    Catgeens, need is such a subjective concept you’d probably get as many answers as there are players. It also very much depends on factors such as your level, your interest in regatta factory tasks, and how big your barn is. What I will say is, you’re under no obligation to buy any factory you don’t feel like, and you can certainly leave the jewellery one until you no longer need ores for upgrades, if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bessville View Post
    Are there constant requests for new factories?
    I have the impression, too, and guess for the reason as Veganville said.
    They seem to come in waves

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    Hm. Guess I really did let those just wash over me!

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    I love that the entire English language has been formed and altered and inspected and passed down over countless generations, and all came down to making the last two comments possible :biglaugh:

    I feel like I see factories come up every now and then... Couldn't tell you what though cause I get scared and back out quick.
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