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Thread: Replay levels passed

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    Replay levels passed

    Hi there,

    I wish that we could go back to the previous levels once we have passed them. I have two reasons for this idea:

    1. With the updates and subsequent changes in some levels, it is very hard to think back and work out how to help our fellow players who may be stuck on a level. Sometimes it helps just to see the layout of the board, but it would be more useful to be able to play the level again. After all, with our other games, we do allow tips to be posted. I also think it would give the whole community a boost as we help each

    2. Sometimes when we are stuck on a level, boredom and frustration sink in. If we could replay earlier levels, it may help us to remember why we want to play the game in the first place. Also, changing back to another level can break the monotony of feeling that we have somehow been defeated by the level we are stuck on. We may find on returning to that dreaded level that we can finish the tasks in the stuck level when playing with a new sense of purpose

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    That's a really nice idea, be good way to earn a few more coins too. And some levels are fun, which is important to remember when playing the same level a million times and failing......
    Great idea x

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    It would definitely be a help, especially to earn some more coins.

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    Add ability to replay levels

    Agree with others. Some of the most fun levels get passed quickly, and would be fun to play again. Why not implement a system where some sort of reward could be earned for a higher score?

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    I agree, there are some levels I'd like to replay just because they're fun, and others where I know I can do better.

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    Love this idea!

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    Being a new player I would love this idea I am already frustrated with the game but I love gardens.

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