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Thread: Idea - Additional storage for events

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    Idea - Additional storage for events

    It would be great to have an alternate storage location for event items. An example is the Mine: when you collect tools, ore and clay, it does not affect your Barn storage. If a player wants to stockpile items for the event they have to worry about storage limits for their Barn and have start selling items to make room.

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    William Shannon
    You can buy a coupon to increase your barn size by 20%.

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    But that booster thingy works for 2 days only and is (purple and thus) only available temporarily and at the Yacht Club (accord. to the Wiki it can't be bought at the Lab, like normal boosters. I can't check, cos I have one "available").

    The OP's idea is nice, and we can always try with new reasons, sure, but I doubt Playrix will introduce any extra storage than the barn (not any more than they have, anyway). They have listed their general "one barn only"-principle in the No-No-list

    and each time, when they do NOT have the event preparation items in the barn and we exploded with joy and praise, they have returned to putting that stuff in our barns, like the Italian restaurant bags now. For 10 days. Hmpf.
    They probably "think", we have to give so many items away for making these bags, that it evens out.

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