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Thread: 128,000 beauty points for one star?!?

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    I agree with all of this! I am only on India, and dreading those other aquariums where I’ll have to clutter them up endlessly. My USA has pink flowers upon pink flowers, 2 of the same car (on top of each other), and other stuff that I really don’t care for. Something has to change, or I’ll be giving up before long. I want a nice looking aquarium - not one that looks like hoarders are filling it!

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    DITTO to what all of you have said about needing excessive amounts of beauty points to get the last star to complete an aquarium. Please change this Playrix! Comparing the aquariums I completed over two years ago to my newer ones they keep getting more and more cluttered and look like crap. I can't even finish my Egyptian tank, I have all the themed decorations, plants, and fish it can handle. The plants are too cheap to earn sufficient BP to keep adding duplicates.

    This always happens, a particular game grows in popularity and the parent company gets greedy. Zynga is a perfect example. I used to play all the "Ville" games until they started charging real money for all the primary decorations. I will spend real money from time to time, but after I started to feel used I stopped playing all of their games. Now they make NO money off me. I won't have to decide to stop playing Fishdom, that will happen on its own. Because when I'm finished filling up my Wild West tank I won't be able to open any new tanks because I'll never have enough beauty points! 👎😡

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    Hello everyone and thanks so much for your comments! I agree that it does seem challenging to complete aquariums sometimes. And especially if you’ve reached the top level and there are fewer ways to earn coins I’ll pass your feedback further onto the team and we’ll take a look into this matter

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    Hi Valeriia. No, it doesn't SEEM hard to get that many beauty points, it IS hard. In fact there is no logic left to work that hard and that long to get 128,000 beauty points so I can complete one cluttered tank and then work harder to complete another cluttered tank. This is a game. And you and the Playrix folks hav cured me I no longer care abt completing aquariums. And I started playing Homescapes but I really don't care abt the home remodel. I just like playing the puzzles. So I will keep working on the puzzles even in Fishdom but it doesn't matter how many tries it takes to complete each puzzle. Thanks for curing me!

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    Hi Dandelion

    They have cured you about the tank, they cured me about the match 3 games. I used to love playing match 3. Not anymore. The strangest thing is that I love the idea of having something to do beside the puzzles. When they introduced that concept, I stopped playing plain match3 games. Now that they made each level so hard that I get sick of seeing them, the fun is gone.

    For a while I opened Fishdom and Homescapes once a day for the reward and take a shot at it. Right now I am down to once a week.
    Graylady, Forum member since may 2014 --- Playing on Android, not on Facebook
    Township level 211, Zoo 200 animals, --- coop #HHPY84

    Please read this important post by Playrix about Township : Wishes/requests already rejected by Playrix

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    The number of beauty points and the prices of items is way out of wack unless you like totally cluttered aquariums. I purchase items then have to hide them behind other items to keep the aquarium looking nice. What a waste.

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    Hi everyone I hav not found another match three game that I like as much but I keep looking. Graylady I had not played match three games bfor I started Gardenscapes. The garden was my interest. And I did really begin to enjoy the puzzles. And the combo of the match three and something extra it completely got me. So I can still open up a new puzzle and appreciate it--I mean the puzzles really are something. If I play once and am no where near completing it then in my mind I am in a competition with the folks that created the puzzle. How can I beat the puzzle with the minimum booster or whatever. Also -- guilty secret-- I just think it is hilarious when I select a booster what lousy positions the software puts them in. Then I try to see how many restarts it will take to get the boosters where they need to be--10, 15, 20? So I completely understand being cured of the puzzles I am sure I will be one day soon. Hang tough let me know if you find another game. Marcia10 hi I don't know if you were playing during Christmas 2017 I was working on the Russian tank. I put every single thing I got in that special event in the tank, and just kept putting like things one in front of another. Doesn't look too bad but I agree it is such a waste. I think the Wild West tank was when I had to really clutter it up and put things in the way way back. This game was cool for a while.

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    Dandelion, you need 128k for the third star? Lucky you! I play on a Mac and need 130k for the third star in Lost World. Boo.
    I've just run out of new games so back on the dreary treasure chests.
    I'm currently 3rd at the top of the Ruby League, but I expect to slide far down it as I'm beyond tired of playing the same treasure chests over and over with their paltry rewards. There are some good games in Fishdom, so why oh why do they recycle the same old hard and unsatisfying ones for the Treasure Chests. I've played some of them at least six times and didn't enjoy them first time around.
    So I'm with Graylady. I'll play when there's fun to be had, but otherwise - it's a nice sunny day and plenty to do outside.

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    I'm quite cured too... these days I only play occasionally. There are too many frustrating changes to the worse.

    I was even thinking of writing a post summarizing that but I feel like Playrix don't care much. There's a crapstorm (like thousands) of negative comments about the recent changes under each Facebook post, lots of threads with pissed off players here and the beta of the new update doesn't fix anything, it just makes things worse.

    They say "All good things come to an end" and maybe it's not a bad thing. I have more free time these days :-)

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    Since I am not holding my breath for lower cost aquarium stars, I just wanted to suggest a few tips to avoid cluttered aquariums :

    Change the size of items and buy them in duplicate. Clusters of the same crystals and coral interspersed with flowers can be really beautiful.

    The palm trees from Tropica and Hawaii and the Grassy Pineappilis look great really far (As far back as you can go) look good in most tank themes.

    Intersperse expensive grass looking plants like Mesozoic cladophora or Long Stemmed Duck Weed between and behind items to frame them.

    I have posted some of my aquariums on IG under @multiplesclerosissucks tagged #Fishdom

    HTH. There are some other really cool tanks on IG with beautiful ideas and they aren’t too hard to find with the #Fishdom tag.

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