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Thread: 128,000 beauty points for one star?!?

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    128,000 beauty points for one star?!?

    Hi Playrix. I just found out I need 128,000 beauty points to get the third star in the Lost World aquarium. I really can't believe it.

    I think I need 300,800 coins to get six of the Lost World Golem decorations to get that many beauty points. I now have 6,000 coins.

    You take away our extra lives for your sales. There is no aquasplash for treasure chest levels. You don't care abt cluttered tanks.

    When did you decide to make this last star impossible to get?

    You have taken away any incentive for me to play the game.

    Altho it was taking up too much of my time.

    Suggestion: stop this escalation of requirements to finish each tank.

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    Hi Dandelion

    I do not understand the logic of it all but every "theme" follow the same pattern. The first tank is fairly easy but the fourth one is a mammouth! We really need to over stuffed them to get the 3th star.
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    Hi Graylady thanks. And I am saying it is impossible for me to get 300,800 coins unless all I do ever is feed other people's fish. Yes if I got that many coins to buy that much stuff the tank would be much too cluttered. But for Playrix to make it impossible for me to get that last star is, well it is just mean of them.

    How long would it take to get that many coins on 25 regular levels a week and treasure chest levels? Let's say 1500 coins a level for regular levels. That is abt 200 levels. 8 weeks. Two months to get that last star. (I don't use boosters to win treasure chest levels it isn't worth it.)

    Ok so it is marginally possible.

    But mostly it is just mean.

    And Id still have six of one decoration.

    No thanks.

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    I totally agree. I'm now trying to complete the Russian aquarium. I've bought 20 items with my diamonds, plus 9 fish and I still have to come up with approximately another 13,000 beauty points to complete it. My last few tanks are so crowded they looks messy. There is no space to put anything. The 1st tanks didn't require as many beauty points as they do now. I don't why Fishdom increased the required beauty points. The games and requirements are so much more difficult it isn't fun anymore.

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    I wanted to post a rant about this myself but I guess I'll just add to this thread.

    It's actually going to get even worse - I had the beta of the new update that contains the new Fair aquarium. It requires 70000 beauty points for the first two stars respectively and 140000 beauty points for the third. There were two new fish but only slightly more expensive than the previous ones.

    So, the beauty points requirements are increasing quite a bit but they are not matched by being able to buy more expensive items. If you do the math, buying all the decorations (typically around 18 items) for a particular aquarium, regardless of the series will give you a bit more points than you need for the third star. But, while in the "Around the World" pack you could just buy a few fish and a couple of decorations (e.g. my Russia aquarium has 5 fish and just 2 decorations, the USA one has also 5 fish and a couple of items and it looks great that way), in the Lost World aquarium getting 9 most expensive fish (which is the maximum) will not even grant you the second star! You'll be 17k points short. Sure, it is possible to get 3 stars but all my "Imaginary Worlds" aquariums are full of clutter and look like crap!

    I've been trying to guess why it is this way and at the moment I think it's just incompetent game design. Unlike the other frustrating changes (useless vouchers instead of useful boosters, useless glove instead of useful tile swap, useless crab instead of treasure hunts, etc), which I think were introduced to drive revenue.

    I have to say I've been spending much much less time playing Fishdom in the last two-three months, so maybe it's a good thing after all :-) With the recent changes to the tournaments, I might just stop playing altogether.

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    Going to get worse. Then I hav my answer.

    I just like doing the puzzles, decorating the aquariums was a really nice added touch.

    Going to have to find a different match three game and focus on the puzzles and not on the extra stuff.

    Thanks for the head's up.

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    In reply to skyw75. How did you complete an aquarium with only 5 fish and 2 decorations? I' m working on the Russian aquarium now and have 20 decorations and 9 fish already with 13,000 more beauty points to go. Most of my aquariums have every decoration associated with that specific tank, the maximum number of fish allowed, and enough plants and other decorations needed to complete the aquarium. Are the requirements different for each player?

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    Lcd, that's strange. According to my notes, the beauty point requirements for Russia aquarium were 14100+14700+29400 for 1st/2nd/3rd star. I have a Bulb Fish + Glowing Dragon + Pear Gourami + Lyretail Swordtail + Jewelfish that grant 54135 BPs and two decorations do the rest (6895 BPs).

    Which fish did you get? The more expensive the fish is, the more BPs you get (and also the value is better - each BP costs less with increasing price of the decoration/fish).

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    Hi, skyw75. To answer your question, the beauty points for the fish in my Russian aquarium are: 22,600/ 21,900/ 21,400/ 20,900/ 19,400/ 15,100/ 11,200/ 8,000/ 6,200. I usually choose my fish for their colors, not necessarily their beauty points. Once I use all the decorations specifically for the aquarium I'm working on, I try to find other decorations that will fit in with what I already have.

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    Hi Lcd,

    that's strange. They must have changed something.

    Like I said, I don't think the game is well balanced. There are a bunch of people with a million coins and no aquariums to spend them in, if you read some past threads. I don't mind aquariums requiring more beauty points but we should be able to get them by buying less items (by making them more expensive, of course).

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