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Thread: Events not fun any more

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    Events not fun any more

    Has anyone else noticed the games have gotten less fun over the past year or two?

    Originally, we had to pay in barn items for turns at play. The requests were mostly reasonable and if not, there was an X button to delete that particular requirement and wait a half-hour or so for a different one or pay t-cash to get a new order immediately. The prizes were sometimes really clever and cute items like the airship.

    Now it seems like every game, we have to "make" something in order to play the actual game. Sometimes it's from barn stock, sometimes it's from something else you have to "earn" such as by filling orders. The fishing game actually had THREE layers: fill orders to earn bottle caps, use bottle caps to make lures, and (finally!) use the lures to actually fish. Last time there was a restaurant game, we just had to buy turns with barn stock. Now we have to make "supply packs."

    The more layers of requirements to play, the less fun IMNSHO.

    The games are flat-out getting harder, too. The last round of snowboard game was awful, clearly set up to make collision inevitable, presumably to force us to buy the golden helmets. I'm a fairly experienced player and could only manage to finish the course about 1 time out of 10 tries. Taking barn supplies to make snow to rarely make it to the finish line - not fun.

    The prizes aren't anything to brag about, either. Ingots and gems are ok but you can get them other, less demanding ways in game. The decorations are repeats and/or silly rather than clever. I don't care about the competition for highest total score.

    I don't blame Playrix for trying to make a buck. They are a business. In earlier games, I had the choice to pay t-cash or take the hit in waiting time. Now it seems like I have the choice to pay t-cash or not bother to play. In the snowboard event, I really didn't think I would get the last prize because I was picking up so few points each round before the inevitable collision. (I finally did, with about 30 minutes left in the event.) But because the mini-games aren't fun, I have gone from moderate t-cash spending to zero. The snowboard event, I stopped paying t-cash as soon as I realized how rigged it was. This new restaurant event, I'm not even going to bother to play.

    Come on, Playrix. Get rid of the multiple layers to play. Bring back the option to delete a particular entry setup. Make the games achievable again. Make me want to spend t-cash because I'm having fun.
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    I didn't play the last snowboarding mini-game, the first snow-boarding game was fun to a non-athletic person like me, but not this one. Last time it was hard for me to get to the finish line, after reading so much complaints, I didn't even bother to play this time, no matter how many gifts (golden helmets) the game has given me for free.

    I think Playrix was trying to keep us excited and not be bored by an easily achieving mini-game, that is why they kept modifying the mini-game and tried to make them multi-layered and complicated, so we would not be bored easily. However, I'm not attracted to this township game in search for heart-thumping, breath-catching excitement. So the mini-game is out of the window for me!

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    I used to love the events, but now it just seems that they are too often and they are so long, at 10 days, that there is very little break between them.

    The most disappointing part for me though, is the decorations. Most of the decorations I have gotten at least twice before. For the current event they have two new decorations, one i like, one i think is ridiculous. I would happily part with my cash for decorations, but all these events with recycled decorations (that I am seeing for the 3rd time) mean I am keeping my cash.

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    Yeah, I'm tired of the event mini games getting more and more difficult, and way too often.

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    They are getting difficult and not so fun. They are starting to become work to complete and I dont play Township to work. I dont mind having to make stuff from materials, but please make the events less worky.
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    I’m right there with y’all. I just looked at my event calendar in game and after the “underwater adventure”, which let’s be honest, is going to be just another way to mine, they are bringing back the Ariel event yet again, that has to be like the third time this year! I get that coding in a new mini game must be difficult but if they keep recycling the same events over and over again and within such close proximity to each other it takes the fun out it completely.
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    I agree with what you've all said. I've only been playing Township for about a year, and I've already played the games more than once.

    Also, it's totally true that I don't want the games to be super hard. Takes the fun out of playing.

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    This mini game has been really hard and I already gave up on it.

    I really don’t like that we have to give up our hard earned items just to play and only To realize are you going to Fail soon.

    At least on the snowboarding event, which I liked, you could recoup some of your losses during the race even if you didn’t get to the finish line.

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    I almost have the coupons (train, plane) and then for the first time ever I’ll drop out of an event I started.

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    It’s definitely more difficult in the beginning, this time around. I will say, though, that it eases off considerably as you upgrade.

    I too feel like the events come around at least twice as often as I’d want them. It’s a little too much of a good thing for me, and unless we get some genuine variety in there, it’s gonna get boring fast.

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