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Thread: Have things been made harder?

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    Have things been made harder?

    I see many people here complaining about hard levels. It seems that in some instances, you really cannot complete a specific level without using a tool, which cost $$$.

    I have been on 399 for several days. I have often come within "one move" of completing it, but my moves run out. With a bit more luck, I will get passed it. But I got frustrated and watched a video of it on Youtube. The level was identical to how it is for me on Android, with one major difference. In the video, there were two buried boosts, which were powerful TNT. In my version -- everything was identical including the location of the buried boosts -- but they were not TNT. They were less powerful black mines. I know if I had the TNT, I would have completed this level already.

    Have the makers of Fishdom gone and revisited levels, tweaking to make them harder?

    Are some levels LITERALLY undo-able without using some extra tools, that cost $$$?

    Fishdom is a great game, made by a great team, but if either of those two hings above is true, that is just not fair.

    Edit: I am reading the forum, and it is obvious things have been made much harder. Though I have not seen my 2 questions above answered directly. I have seen that the glove replaced swapping any two pieces (result: harder play), unlimited lives could be paused (result: harder play) and boost rewards have been decreased (result: MUCH harder play, and a bunch of maligned vouchers).
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    Hi although I don't have evidence to show I believe yes the levels are being "tweaked" to make them more difficult. In one instance if you are trying to get coins through the game field-- I think any additional coins are not added from the top until all existing coins are through and out. Or bubbles don't appear from the top until all are cleared. Nothing was ever announced but that is how it seems to be now. I don't think it was always this way.

    Yes I believe there are levels that can not be won without boosters. I think that is why we get to pick the daily clamshell or whatever for possible boosters.

    I play each game once without boosters. (I don't pay attention to the vouchers for special fish or losing points for league competition.) If I am so far from winning after several repeats I try to figure out what booster will help.

    If I use a booster I may reset the game 15 times til the booster is where I think it will be most effective.

    I don't pay at the end for extra moves. That is the most expensive option. I start over again with a booster.

    Good Luck.

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    I finished the game, so these days I get repeat levels (they're called "treasure chest" for some reason although there's hardly anything that could be called s treasure in those chests).

    I once did an experiment - I encountered quite a difficult level that I remember beating with boosters. I had more than 6 hours of unlimited lives (good old treasure hunt times ;-), so I tried to beat it without any help. I spent more than 6 hours trying without luck. And I consider myself a decent player (I have accumulated hundreds of boosts and thousands of diamonds because I only use them rarely).

    So yes, I believe there are levels you can't really beat without help (unless you're super-lucky).

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    Hi guys! Thanks for bringing up this matter. We change some levels from time to time. Apparently, that walk-through video uploaded on YouTube by another player was made while playing the old version of level 399, which is why something there might be different. If we change levels, we always try to keep the balance between changes and difficulty.

    Also, I strongly recommend checking out our tips on beating levels here, here and here

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    Hi Valeriia, please explain to me why we can’t pause the timed games anymore. This was very helpful as some of the timed levels are almost impossible to beat in the allotted time.

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    I agree with everyone especially about the timed games. Also, have you ever noticed that the videos you watch on YouTube to try and help you figure out how to beat a level always gets all kinds of boosters and that's how they beat it. I rarely get boosters like they do in those videos. But, yes some of the levels seem absolutely impossible to beat without help, not fair.

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