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    I don’t like the cartoon-style decorations. They usually end up in storage. If we MUST win decorations, please could we have some in a more classic style?
    But why can’t we win things like vouchers for upgrades, or for ground clearing, or for barn extensions, or even for temporary or permanent performance improvements? I do like the restaurant but where can I put it, but HATE the statue.

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    Please please add this event to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    You will need to give some products to start the game. If i remember correctly, tons of peppers, cupcakes, potatoes, cream, etc...
    Take a look at last restaurant event like this for refresh, here
    ty dreadnought your so helpful on this forum. (the old prizes seem way better than the ones that we get now. imo).

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    Just wanted to weigh in here on this rehashing of decorations that we’ve seen for every single cooking challenge, don’t get me wrong there are some I rather like most of which are already featured in my town, but I will give props to the designers I am excited for the new restaurant. That being said I too am not a big fan of the crazy ginormous animal statues... but I’ve noticed more and more of the decorations are showing actual people... hmm do I detect a shift away from the creepy anthropomorphic animals... maybe only time will tell but hopefully we’ll get at least one or two other surprise decos that are new and maybe weren’t featured on this sneak peek. Also I know it’s an older decoration but I am super excited that they are bringing back the giant broccoli statue my town gym rats have been telling me all about how steamed broccoli is life and would totally appreciate a homage to it in close proximity of their home away from home aka the “health club.”
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    As predicted, the decorations are disappointing (color/style) But beyond that, I would like to know why the prices of these decorations keep going up? For example, 38 T-Cash for that tiny pizza parlor is exorbitant. I fully understand the game needs to make money, and I’ve always been happy to spend but these prices are outrageous. My “offer” is also not an offer. See pic below. There’s no discount. These type of business moves can only hurt a game in the end. Because people like me will no longer be spending money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MAZ813 View Post
    My “offer” is also not an offer. See pic below. There’s no discount.
    If 160 tc usually cost you $5.99, then the "discount" is the added unique statue, isn't it?

    But fully agree with you about the tc prices for these event items being exorbitant/ exaggerated (as well as the token prices for regatta items, IMO and just btw).
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    Gosh, I didn’t think I had to spell it out.
    1. Yes, I realize the statue is there. But it’s Not something I need or want, so it’s no value to me.

    2. Historically, all my “offers” came with a 30% off discount OR more on T-Cash. The last two have not. So I was just pointing out the new change that seems to be happening.

    I’m not trying to be rude to Plarix, but they asked for opinions and this was mine.

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    Gosh, I don't think there's any need to be rude to people who are taking time out of their day to offer opinions/help/answers to the things you post.

    Statues in the decoration tab cost money. If you purchase the sale, you're still getting additional value for the money you spend, just some of that value is in decoration form.

    Sometimes offers are for money off a "standard" amount of Tcash. Sometimes they're the same price as usual, but you get more Tcash than a "standard" bundle. Sometimes you get some Tcash and a decoration.

    Usually I'm a whor-endous mug for decoration sales. This time, not interested.

    Them's the breaks.

    Your opinion is welcomed, just try and curb the frustration. We are all players just like you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
    Gosh, I don't think there's any need to be rude to people who are taking time out of their day to offer opinions/help/answers to the things you post.
    Thank you very much, Nevada that is indeed what I felt this poster's answer was, and no idea with what I deserved that rudeness. What you wrote is what I would have replied now, if I replied to them anymore at all.

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    I’m really disappointed in the tcash offer. I’d have bought some at a decent discount, but I’m not interested in paying for the deco, yet can’t avoid doing so, so I won’t be buying this time around.

    I’m also disappointed in the event decos and prizes. Does anybody like the farm animal cartoony ones? I can’t remember anybody ever saying so.. I had already decided not to race next week because hitting us with 3 painful seasonal tasks at once is totally sapping my fun, so I had hoped I could spend my time cooking instead, but the prizes are so meh I don’t think I’ll be able to summon much enthusiasm there either.

    In other words, ‘tis the season of blahhhh in Bessville. On the upside, though, the seasonal decos are great, so it ain’t all bah humbug

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