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Thread: Gas Cylinders

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    I agree. It is no fun anymore. Also thinking of leaving the game.

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    Gas cylinders are taking the last of my patience with Gardenscapes. When it becomes more frustrating than enjoyable there is a need to rethink playing. Developers take a listen to your feedback.

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    I do not like the gas cylinders either, and I especially don’t like having to spend money to get ahead. If I don’t spend money then I am on a level for days!!!

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    how about this one then, get 4 statues and 15 mystery bags, the statues are surrounded by double and treble locked blocks and most of the mystery bags are frozen and surrounded by other frozen squares there are gas cylinders some frozen the rest surrounded by frozen squares and just to make sure it cant be done they have hidden gas cylinders in the mystery bags as well, if they cant play fair I will be deleting

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    Get rid of the exploding bombs!!

    As if this game wasn’t hard enough. Get rid of the exploding bombs, they’re ridiculous. This game has way too many levels to be this hard. If you’re going to have a ton of levels that take forever to complete, make the game easier rather than harder. It’s frustrating to the point that I don’t enjoy it anymore. Fixing to delete the app all together because of how long it takes to complete a project and how hard the levels are

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    Gas Cylinders are the worst idea since exploding butterflies! This game is getting harder and harder, and has moved into being impossible to win. I already spend five lives just figuring out the strategy of a level, then another five to fifteen or more waiting for the right fall of colors to use the strategy to win.

    Here's an idea: if you are going to chain something down, freeze it twice, and put it behind a wall, and I need it to win, could you please provide the blocks (and enough of them) so that I can win?

    Also, if these cylinders are not gone, I will be.

    PS -- your developers are masochists.

    Counting the days til I delete this game.

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    Yes get rid of gas cylinders, they’re absolutely ridiculous!!! How many times does it have to be said before they’re removed? I’ll say it again, GET RID OF THE GAS CYLINDERS!! They got rid of the stupid moles that use to pop up and steal stuff, now get rid of the gas cylinders. TODAY!!

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    I'm level 1751. Gas cylinders will cause me to quit the game. Not fun.

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    I hate these gas cylinders. They need to go NOW!. I used to enjoy Gardenscapes, but not anymore.

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    I hate gas cylinders, really thinking I’m gonna delete this game, it’s no fun to play anymore, please update and get rid of gas cylinders

    Thank You!

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