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Thread: Gas Cylinders

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    I met the gas cylinders at level 1321. I'm setting this game aside and if they are still there tomorrow I am deleting it.

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    The gas cylinders are ridiculous. If they don’t get rid of them, they’ll get rid of me. Will delete this game.

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    Gas Cylinders may be the end of my playing Gardenscapes.

    I’m at level 1321 and can’t get past it! I hate to give up what was one of my favourite games but it’s not worth the frustration after a hard work day. I was recently thinking they had finally created the right balance of challenge and fun and then along came the gas cylinders. Horrible! Worse even than those loathsome gophers.

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    I also hate the gas chambers and find it stressful. I play this game to relax. I will not be playing in the future

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    I'm on 1518 and they are there too. Been stuck for 5 days. Time to ditch the game I fear .... Shame really. Was a good game till now.

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    Surely the gas cylinder shouldn’t start counting down until I have smashed away all the ice. I have just lost level 2541 even though the remaining cylinder was still encased in ice but had counted down to zero with the rest of them. How can that be fair?

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    I HATE the gas cylinders and will not be playing until they’ve been removed. They make hard levels impossible. Poor choice developers!

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    Gas cylinders

    I am an avid player, level 2864. These exploding gas cylinders are ridiculous! Too bad too, I've enjoyed your game, but unfortunately I give up! I have to quit playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anamarie Golling View Post
    Also not someone who posts on forums but this gas cylinder business is making me mad! I’m currently on 1917, a red level, and haven’t passed it for two days, since the cylinders were introduced. Strangely enough, I was on a lower level that didn’t have cylinders in it. I failed it and when I went back in, they were there! No introduction to them or anything.
    They already had ways to limit the moves you can make; this latest method is a horrible way of doing it.
    I agree. I am also not a fan of the gas cylinder. This game used to be fun and relaxing. This addition had made it stressful and nearly impossible to play. I truly hope Playrix does away with these in the next update or i will be finding another game to play.

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    The developers changed the butterflies awhile ago so that the game would not end if one “flew away.” Surely there is something they can do about these gas cylinders. My game was ended at LEAST 10 times with 14 or more moves left because a cylinder was encased in ice or whatever before I could get to it.

    I have used many boosters to pass these levels, for sure.

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