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Thread: Copy and Paste/Edit bar functionality

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    I am on iOS and up until the last update, was able to edit in chat without backspacing. I’ve never had autocorrect or predictive text even though they are available in other apps and I’ve never been able to cut and paste. I’d just be happy if the edit bar was brought back...please!

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    when I wrote in the chat my keyboard made it possible to paste, but after the update I can not paste a text from Google Translator ... I need to talk to cooperatives that speak different languages.
    I already checked and in the other applications the keyboard continues as before, and I'm sure it's only in Township.

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    I'm also on Android 8.1.0 ( I get suggested words, but no ability in township to move cursor, and no cut or paste.)

    Both abilities work on all other apps I use.

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    Android 5.0 here, I never had a moveable cursor nor a copy/paste possibility. Keyboard bar with autosuggestions never worked in Township. On a positive note: it couldn't get worse by any update. And we can all say we have survived the worst chat feature in the history of mankind.

    I don't have clue why this could possibly be an issue in the year 2018. Even apps where the developing department is a one-man show don't have problems like this.

    We're talking about a game here, where coordination is an essential part of the gameplay. And it should generate enough revenue to hire some guys who are capable of solving this.

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    We have in our coop on IOS the same problem with ghe keyboard and send a message to support. We get a message back: Thanks for your feedback. Hope you like our update a lot! Our dev team already figured out the cause of the problem, so the next hotfix, which will be released soon, should fix the chat.

    We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

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