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Thread: few ideas

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    few ideas

    Of course i dont know all ideas on forum but will post what i think could be added on

    Poissible to upgrade plane like we got with island trains etc
    Wheel of fortune or lucky prospector daily bonus not like daily box we got now only where you roll or dig something suprising and after daily free use we still can use x gems to try another roll etc
    Building where you can make screwdrivers hinges etc from bricks glass slabs etc not direct exchange but production line like in Mint where you x change ingots into cash
    Every x train we send should get gem like let say every 6 train send we should get a reward in cartbox a gem
    Add the temporary boosts as normal so we can make them too
    Add into train rewards items from zoo to be more interesting its boring when after finishing all buildings you just keep getting boring stuff and you just sell them for coins
    Add ingots into dealer option
    Make monday funday where you can roll a random boost for free it doesnt help in regata etc and will bring a smile in people face
    Add bundle offers cash plus materials etc to purchase
    Market items should show how many of them are in our barn saves time going back and check when you got alot boxes bought

    Thats it for now thanks
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