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Thread: Fertilizer [merged]

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    If you have the laboratory, Margaret, there is already a purple booster called 'Rich Fields' which reduces crops' growing time by 40%. Purple boosters are available as event prizes, or for purchase with tokens at the Yacht Club.
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    A composting factory could be an option, collect all the animal manure and trash from the crops and recycle it back into the fields.

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    Some of the crops take so long (regatta combi tasks). How about bags of fertiliser (organic lol) that we could win in HOL, or rewards in planes etc. Even an hour off would help loads, thinking silk!

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    Horses Manure Compost & Fertilizer

    Would love to have horses as animals on the farm. We could grow hay to feed them, they would produce manure we could collect, then we’d put the manure in a composting factory which would produce fertilizer we could put on crops to increase their yield or speed. All farms should have horses to love and care for! As a horse owner this is what we do with horses and their “product” when we are not having fun with them!

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    I agree on the horses and manure. I thought it was strange they dont have them. Many other animals should be in the game as well, but horses are a big one.

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    Will it be possible to get fertilizer put into the game for those quick grow we need at the last minutes
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