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    The ‘Beach Adventures’ Regatta Season Decor

    Ahoy, yachtsmen! 👋🌈

    Check out NEW BEACH DECORATIONS in the upcoming summer Regatta season 🌞🌊🏄

    We're so looking forward to seeing this asTOWNishing decor in your towns, guys! 📷💡🌠

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    Beachy Keen!

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    Love it Anna! Smooches to the team - just perfect for summer.

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    Yeah, perfect for summer(ville)

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    Woooohooo......Love them!

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    And as per usual, I see only a white square instead of an image in the post.

    Anybody got any idea why that should be? I’m sure I can’t be the only one who can’t access this format, so if anybody could find another way to show the image, that’d be a big help

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    Bess, the decor can be seen in the latest news item - that little envelope icon on the left of the screen.....are you able to see it that way?

    Sorry, no idea why the images wont show in posts, hopefully someone can help you solve the problem.

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    Bessville have you checked your Forum Settings? I think if you scroll down to thread display options there is a check box to show posted images.

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    Thanks so much for the replies, guys.. I double-checked my settings, Nana, and all the display options were already on, so it’s not that..

    Not to worry, I’ll chalk it up to being one of those little niggly things we all deal with from time to time. Worse things happen at sea

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    Love the beach theme! Does anyone know if that hut with the attached pool is separate from the other water decoration or if it’s just one big megalopolis of a decoration? I’m hoping they are separate things..... Who am I kidding, it doesn’t matter either way I want them all but my water front property space is at bare minimum... like non existent

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