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Thread: Gambling in Regatta

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    I'm lucky enough to have never knowingly come across cheaters. I'm in a nice co op - a couple of week links, a few who opt out and just help, about 10 competitive guys who like to do 15 tasks at maximum points and 5 or so inbetweeners like me. I opt out for a week or two - depends on what I've got on at work, and help out the others while taking care of other town stuff. I don't enjoy focusing only on regatta.

    When I opt in - I have typically got at start of race close to 200 picks and other mining stuff, 50 cloverswaiting , 4 boats ready full of coconuts, good barn mix pluss space. I have max number of animals with full extra shelves so feeding animals is a breeze. And a good set of boosters picked out and ready with Raj on the go. I also have a fair idea what my team mates have in mind as their easy tasks - everyone finds hol, mining, feeding easy to plan for if your lucky, you can do 4 or 5 tasks in no time and have the next 3 or 4 prepared for. Communication is helpful here - are group can't decide if things like hol should be first come or shared. I know several members in different time zone like to blitz play after work - I take my time and do boats or something like silk then. I can do my blitz later .

    As with all things township - play the way you enjoy (I don't have zoo - far too many resources tied up, IMO for high level players only) if you don't like racing - don't!

    I don't mind one bit if players pay real money to get on to leader boards. The developers are not charity workers and what is wrong with giving an incentive to players to pay a little. The game is completely playable without spending cash, I have never felt in app purchases were pushed the adds are completely optional - if like me you are not contributing to the developers getting a wage, don't complain if those who do get a few more rewards.

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    The T cash I have and use in the game I acquired relatively quickly through goals of the game, events, and house of luck. I do not see how using something that I've earned in the game is cheating. You would be suprised how well you can do with how willing you are to help not only your team mates but friends as well. It's like an investment that pays off handsomely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idkanddontcare View Post
    I do not see how using something that I've earned in the game is cheating.
    It isn't -- which post are you replying to?

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