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    Town interaction

    What am I doing wrong in the placement of my benches and bounce houses that is preventing my town people from interacting with them.. it's only some places and I can't figure it out. I rearranged several carnival rides and race cars tracks and all that until it was getting use but can't seem to understand. Is it the platform it's on or are they to close to other items or is the side walks? I have moved the lion bounce in the zoo to grass, concrete, roads on all sides, no roads at all, next to stuff and away from stuff everything I can think of still nothing. I asked colleges if they had kids playing on theirs and they do and don't seem to be doing anything that I haven't tried.. do I need now population or is it something else?!? HELP MY PEOPLE PLAY

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    Hi Brandy. I am not sure I fully understand all your questions/problems, but I can tell you that the Lion Bounce House is NOT animated currently - maybe in the future - for now the designers have chosen not to have it animated like some of the other bounce houses. Placement will not affect it at all.
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