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Thread: Cancelling Items in Queue Revised

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    Cancelling Items in Queue Revised

    I know back in the beginning of 2016 cancelling/rearranging items in factory queues wasn’t an option. It is now 2018 and I was wondering if this option could be looked at again. Numerous times throughout playing this game, I have come across putting an item in the queue line that takes 3 hours to make only to come across that same item for 100 coins at the market once refreshed. I buy it and no longer need the item in the queue which is now holding up other items I could be making in that 3 hour period. It’s become too common for that to be happening so I believe at least having the option to remove the item from the queue would be a great help! Please advise over being able to remove an item from the queue line. Thank you.

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    I think what you are describing happens very often. That’s part of the game. You have to strategize how much work you have to give your factories vs what you will need in the near future. If I have a plane coming in 5 hours, I will start making items for the plane in a specific factory and the others I will only give them about 5 hours worth of work.

    The devs can introduce coupons to cancel 1 item in queue as regatta prizes, etc. I think they will be more amenable to that idea.

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    Hi Linaky: From the very beginning of Township, not just since 2016, we have been unable to remove factory items from the queue. This is an important game planning strategy that will probably never be changed.

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    You can speed up an item to be finished with T cash, though. That would clear that 3 hour item from the queue.

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