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Thread: 24.06 Interview with Township Senior Project Manager!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelock View Post
    I'm VERY excited to hear that there will be more FACTORIES and CBS added ....But I WISH the REGATTA RACES were not LIMITED TO 13 .....Is there ANY CHANCE the # of task may be increased? !!!
    In the gold league the maximum is 16.

    I'm really not impressed with even more factories. I already have some that are stagnating with very little use as the products are just not requested often enough as it is. This is even more true with the current seasonal racing, and we are flooded with the same 3 tasks over and over, with limited choice of normal tasks.

    I've been waiting for more cbs, so hopefully, this will mean more land is on the way. There have been suggestions for cbs and houses to be upgraded, so that as we unlock land, we actually have that land free to use. I for one, really hope that this is something the devs have taken on board.

    And what of the zoo? We've had absolutely nothing in the zoo for 9 months now, but Ernie is still at level 50....
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    Forever living in hope lol

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    I totally agree on the Dealer subject!!! It would be SO NICE to know how much time is left, much appreciation on this topic, kudo's!!!!

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    I play on two devices, Kindle Fire and Android phone. Why are the Co-Op prizes different in the Regatta?

    Another question: Why does it take sooo long to get the helicopter guy? I play, at the least, six hours per day on both devices. I have questioned the tech's as to why. They advised me that they have no control over when he appears. Don't like it one bit. It took close to six months for him to come back on one device :-( when he did, he now is gone on my other!!! Makes no sense!!! Has anyone else had this problem? I'm at level 103 & 94.

    And welcome OKsana, your new idea's will be very welcomed!!!

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    Wouldn’t it be better if we have new building for materials as well and more land. And in regatta 20 tasks limits would be great too for higher level players

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    Its a nice game!!! and I love it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nadia Combe Alvarez View Post
    Its a nice game!!! and I love it
    I wish there was more storage in the game, also why can't we buy things like for the Mine with coins? Or supplies needed to build factories an things ? We get or I know I have alot of I use some to decorate my town, but it would be really helpful if we could do something MORE with our coins. I have paid for many things as well an can not continue to do that which will make me delete the game. Because there will be nothing to build or anything with no supplies an no money to buy them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Q's Township View Post
    why can't we buy things like for the Mine with coins?
    If you Hire raja for 1 to 10 days ( with Tcash) you can then buy mining tools or ORE/CLAY for coins (60 Minute wait between purchases.)

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    I am on level 66 on an Android Kindle and the helecopter/ video guy appears a couple times a day. He seems to alternate between giving me coins or T-cash. I have no idea why he does not appear for some people & not others. Maybe it has to do with some sort of cookie setting so be he shows adverts? I don't know.

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    Interesting to see so many 1st time posters, welcome!

    I for one am not impressed with continuous repeat events (flying, cooking, fishing, snowboarding). Are they repeated because they are money makers?

    I sure hope the team is planning something new and exciting! Why can't we have the zoo expanded to include an amusement park and more animals? Sad to put all the time and energy into the zoo to have it just collect dust.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer questions.
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